The Air Force Reserve offers a range of jobs, giving you the chance to make a meaningful contribution to the Australian Defence Force (ADF), with the level of commitment that suits your lifestyle. There are a number of roles available in the Air Force Reserve in a variety of industries such as engineering, medical, administration, logistics, hospitality, combat and trade.

Air Force Active Reserve

The Active Reserve provides trained Air Force Reserve personnel to support the day-to-day operations of the Permanent Air Force. If needed, the Active Reserve is available for operational deployments, or an associated support activity, during a major contingency operation.

Please note, entry to the Air Force Active Reserve is highly competitive. Please check the relevant job pages regularly for individual updates to jobs available.

Air Force Specialist Reserve

The Specialist Reserve is made up of trained health, legal, public affairs and chaplaincy professionals with specialist qualifications. These personnel are employed to supplement full-time Air Force resources or to perform duties beyond the normal scope and capabilities of full-time personnel.

All Specialist Reserve candidates should email for priority processing of their application.

RAAF Standby Reserve

Comprises all Air Force personnel who are not Active or Specialist Reservists. Ex Permanent Air Force and ex Active or Specialist Reserve members who are not available for annual active duty are transferred to the Standby Reserve.

High Readiness Reserve

Comprises members within the Active and Specialist Reserve who are trained, deemed competent and acquire a heightened level of training and readiness - extra bonuses and allowances are applicable.

Ground Defence Reserve Group

The Ground Defence Reserve Group (GRDG). Is made up of Reserve Ground Defence Officers and Airfield Defence Guards (ADG), forming a highly skilled, close-knit team capable of defending the Air Force's bases, aircraft, installations and personnel.

As well as performing ground defence roles, personnel may instruct in ground defence related skills. Reserve ADGs undergo 11 months of full-time training and then undertake a minimum of 32 days a year of part-time service for 4 years. Your part-time service is tax-free. To be part of this specialist group, you'll need to live within a two-hour drive of an Air Force Base that has a Reserve ADG Rifle Flight*. Due to the combat nature of this job it is only open to males.

* At present there are no Reserve Rifle Flights in the Northern Territory.

Who is eligible?

Reservists come from all walks of life and from all parts of Australia. Some are ex full-time personnel who have discharged from the Air Force, others have no previous military experience. To join, you must be between 17 and 61 years old and meet the Air Force medical, education and employment history requirements related to the job you are applying for.

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