The Air Force maintains a fleet of highly advanced aircraft capable of performing many roles. Whether it is transport for disaster relief, humanitarian aid, tactical strike roles or perimeter air defence, the Air Force is ready to deliver.

Throughout its history, the Air Force has produced outstanding air and space power for Australia's security, not to mention proving our worth around the globe as well. We do this by equipping personnel with relevant and much sought after skills to operate some of the most advanced aircraft in the world.

The Complete Range

A range of aircraft

The fleet of aircraft maintained by the Air Force is diverse. Some are suited for tactical operations, while others play major support roles. Discover each aircraft and you'll soon realise that the Air Force is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

Aviation Jobs

A range of aviation jobs

A career in the Air Force isn't just for Pilots. There are many other roles you can play - roles that play a major part in determining the success of a mission. Whether it's a technical, analytical, intelligence, air traffic or combat role, you're bound to find a position that not only suits you, but will also provide you with experiences that simply can't be obtained elsewhere.

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