Eligibility Check

There's a good chance you could tick all the boxes for a career in the Air Force. Check your general eligibility here, and see individual job pages for role-specific requirements.


You must be an Australian Citizen to join the Air Force, or a Permanent Resident able to prove you have started your citizenship application. You'll need to show us the relevant documents when you apply for a job, such as an Australian Birth Certificate, Australian Passport or Australian Citizenship Certificate.

There's a real sense of unity and team, being a member of the Australian Defence Force

Health & Fitness

Naturally you’ll have to be both mentally and physically fit to work for the Air Force. You'll take a pre-entry fitness test during the recruitment process; and staying fit and healthy is all part of the Air Force lifestyle.

Age & Gender

Every Air Force role is available to both men and women; we have no gender restrictions. You can start applying for an Air Force career at sixteen and a half (or sixteen for ADFA entry), and in most cases join when you are seventeen. Maximum ages vary by role so check individual job descriptions.

Behaviour & Appearance

You will be expected to maintain high standards of behaviour in the Air Force, and respect your colleagues. Good grooming is compulsory; and make-up, jewellery and tattoos are all acceptable within our reasonable guidelines.