Crew Attendant

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Crew Attendant

Travel to a variety of domestic and international locations while providing for the safety, comfort and in-flight service for passengers and crew onboard a variety of specialised aircraft with this internationally renowned organisation.

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Other Ranks (Non Technical)

The role of the Crew Attendant (CREWATT) is to provide safety, comfort and in-flight service to passengers and crew on RAAF aircraft operated by 33 Squadron (SQN) and 34SQN.

CREWATTs are responsible for the safe air movement of personnel. The primary duty of a CREWATT is to ensure the safety and survival of all passengers in an emergency situation. Other duties include the provision of in-flight food and beverage service; loading and unloading of passengers; compilation of aircraft documentation; calculation of aircraft weight and balance (34 SQN only); observation of aircraft / cabin condition; liaison with aircraft Captain; and general cleaning duties on the aircraft.

CREWATTs are employed at transport aircraft squadrons such as 33SQN (KC30A (Airbus A330 variant)) at RAAF Base Amberley, QLD and 34SQN (Boeing Business Jet 737 and Challenger 604 aircraft) at Defence Establishment Fairbairn, ACT. Members may also be attached to other RAAF transport aircraft squadrons for special missions.

The working conditions of CREWATTs vary. Duty is programmed, and at times CREWATTs may be required to work long and irregular hours at short notice, or maintain standby for short notice tasking. Duties are conducted in pressurised aircraft, which can be subject to all flight and weather conditions. CREWATTs are required to travel to a variety of domestic and international destinations, and are subject to the effects of time zone, temperature and environmental changes.

CREWATTs require a very high degree of courtesy, discretion, flexibility, resourcefulness and the ability to work unsupervised. A positive attitude toward the provision of service to all levels of Government, military and civilian passengers, regardless of status is essential. Passengers may include Government ministers, Australian and foreign heads of state, Royalty and guests of the Australian Government.

CREWATTs have a prominent representational role, and accordingly, must uphold exemplary standards of grooming and deportment. CREWATTs must also be personable and presentable with a good command of the English language. Additionally, CREWATTs are required to work as a part of a team, co-operating closely with other aircraft crew members.

The safety and security of all passengers and crew on an aircraft is of paramount importance. CREWATTs must be observant and be able to react promptly to any abnormal occurrence. They are required to adhere strictly to aircraft-specific emergency procedures, Squadron Standing Instructions, and Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

CREWATTs prepare and present food and beverages. It is mandatory that work practices and personal hygiene comply with Occupational Health and Safety standards and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCAP) standards.