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Fire Fighter

A large Australian organisation is looking for firefighters to work in a unique environment providing services to airfields and associated installations.

Job Details

Other Ranks (Non Technical), Other Ranks (Non Technical) (Reserve)

The Firefighter (FIREFTR) mustering is employed on duties within Air Force's emergency services (Force Protection) structure. The FIREFTR's primary role is to provide Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting services (ARFF). Other roles performed by members of the FIREFTR mustering include:

  • Structural Rescue and Firefighting (SRFF);
  • Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) response;
  • Motor Vehicle Accident  (MVA) response;
  • Wildfire response;
  • Operator level maintenance and functional testing of fire vehicles and ancilliary equipment mounted on fire vehicles;
  • Maintaining high levels of readiness through on the job training;
  • Providing aid to the civil community when required;
  • Decontamination of personnel and/or equipment as a result of agents/chemicals accidentally discharged during peacetime, and/or following deliberate chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear attacks; and
  • Continuation training of military and/or civilian personnel employed on Air Force bases.

Working conditions vary considerably. Most working hours are spent under cover in comfortable surroundings. However, the job may require a Firefighter to work under extreme conditions while wearing protective clothing and breathing apparatus. Firefighters may be exposed to risks from heat, toxic fumes, chemicals, unexploded ordnance, flammable fuels and associated hazards during structural and aircraft rescue and fire fighting operations. These duties may be performed on a fixed base or during deployments to remote and overseas locations in periods of peace, tension and conflict. Members of the mustering and are expected to work under arduous and dangerous conditions.

Firefighters work primarily in an outdoors environment, under all weather conditions. Members work as part of highly skilled and motivated teams. A minimum crew of four members provide ARFF/SRFF support 24 hours a day, seven days a week therefore members of the mustering are rostered on rotating shifts.

Employment in the FIREFTR mustering is open to males and females.


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