Laboratory Technician

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Laboratory Technician

If you are skilled in medical pathology, working as a qualified Laboratory Technician for the Air Force will have you performing pathology tasks in a diverse environment.

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Role. The role of the Laboratory Technician (LABTECH) is to test human biological material to aid medical practioners in the diagnosis, monitoring and prevention of disease.

Responsibilities. LABTECHs are responsible for the provision of pathology services in operational contingencies that include the collection and cross-matching of blood for transfusion purposes. LABTECHs are also responsible for the provision of: routine pathology screening for HIV, Hepatitis and Health Promotion; and clinical pathology services at ADF Health Facilities.

Duties. The duties of LABTECHs include analysing pathology specimens, advising health professionals of analysis results and ensuring quality control of testing methodologies and apparatus within the disciplines of Blood Banking Serology, Biochemistry, Haematology and Microbiology.

Areas of employment. LABTECHs are normally employed in RAAF Pathology Laboratories. Members may be required to perform their duties in the field in remote locations.

Working Conditions. LABTECHs work in controlled laboratory environments with the risk of exposure to infectious substances and hazardous materials. The support provided during medical contingencies may require LABTECHs to be on-call and work irregular hours.

Contact With Other Health Professionals. LABTECH's laboratory duties are normally performed in small groups or in isolation with little or no supervision. However, frequent liaison with other medical personnel is required. The information passed between LABTECHs and other medical personnel regarding sensitive and personal patient issues requires confidentiality and respect of patient privacy.

Safety. Health precautions and control procedures must be adopted in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1991 while conducting LABTECH duties.