Officers & Management

How to Become an Officer

There are lots of different ways to become an Officer in the Air Force, so it's likely you'll be able to find one that matches your level of education and experience.

Direct Entry Officer

Direct Entry is the fast track route to becoming an Officer in the Air Force and you don't need a university degree to apply. You'll receive the same training and benefits as other Officers, as well as the chance to be a leader in your workplace and make a genuine difference to people's lives. If you like a challenge, want to work for industry leaders and choose from a fantastic range of jobs, become an Officer in the Air Force.

Graduate Officer

If you're a graduate in medicine, engineering, nursing or dentistry, enrolling in the Air Force as a Graduate Officer is a unique and rewarding way to kick-start your career, testing your skills and knowledge from day one. You'll work with cutting-edge equipment, lead others and make important decisions right from the start. And you'll receive the regular extra training you need, to help you further your qualifications during your career.

The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA)

It's regarded as the ultimate training ground for Australia's future leaders. At the Australian Defence Force Academy, you'll earn a degree from the University of New South Wales in Arts, Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Science or Technology, while learning about the basics of military life to get your career as an Officer up and running.

Some of the finest teaching in the country might help you to pursue that Graduate Diploma, Masters or Doctoral degree. And just like other university campuses, there's plenty of opportunity to join sporting teams or social clubs and to enjoy the outstanding range of facilities. Learn more

Chris, Air Combat Officer

Defence University Sponsorship

If you're studying for a university degree anywhere in Australia, we could pay you up to $41,602 per year while you finish. No more part-time work just to pay the bills and more time to achieve the results you're really capable of. We'll also pay your tuition and student union fees, as well as providing free medical and dental care. Most importantly, you'll step into one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs around! Learn More

Specialist Reserve

If you want the responsibility and adventure of being an Officer in the Air Force, without the full-time commitment, then get involved with the Reserve. The Air Force is looking for Specialist Reservists with professional skills in medical, dental, nursing, law and chaplaincy. You receive similar training and experience as our full-time members, without having to sacrifice the civilian life you love. You're doing a job that's worthwhile and important and you're playing a key role in Australia's security. What's more, you'll be well paid for your efforts, and it's all tax-free. Learn More

How to apply

The DefenceJobs website allows you to complete your entire job application online. Once you've found the job you'd like to apply for click the 'Apply Now' button to begin your application. After you've submitted your application there are a few more steps to complete the process including a Your Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) Session and an Assessment Day at a Defence Force Recruiting Centre, the Officer Selection Board and a Fitness Test. Learn More