Australia's Air Force needs are varied and specialised. We are an incredibly diverse organisation that requires a huge number of skilled personnel to operate our machinery, fly our aircraft and provide logistical and intelligence support.


The Air Force maintains a fleet of aircraft capable of performing many roles. Whether it is transport for disaster relief, humanitarian aid, tactical strike roles or perimeter air defence, our Air Force is ready to deliver.

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Air Force men and women are trained to operate some of the world's most high-tech equipment. From fighter jets to advanced communications, Air Force personnel are equipped to get the job done.

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Communications & I.T.

The Air Force utilises some of the most advanced communications and IT systems in the world. Each is purpose-built to carry out tasks such as global aircraft control, radar and data transfers

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With new technologies being developed in the air and on the ground, we're excited about the future possibilities in aircraft, equipment and infrastructure. Fly forward with us and see where technology and imagination could take us.

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