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Today’s Army is a modern employer with a wide range of jobs available, from Medical Officers and Avionics Technicians to chefs and musicians. Start an exciting Army career and you’ll enjoy world-class training, a culture of fitness and mateship, as well as benefits like accommodation assistance and free healthcare. Explore our categories and find a job that’s right for you.

  • 12 Jobs


    Pilot or support crew? Avionics technician or helicopter mechanic? For everything aviation, the Army has exciting roles both on the ground and in the air.

  • 6 Jobs

    Business, Administration & Education

    Want to help keep the Australian Army running smoothly? Choose from a range of unique administrative roles and discover a desk job that’s far from typical.

  • 23 Jobs

    Combat & Security

    Be part of the frontline of Australia’s defence, and get your hands on an impressive arsenal of advanced hardware and firepower.

  • 10 Jobs

    Communications, IT & Intelligence

    Our surveillance, communications and intelligence teams use cutting-edge technology to keep the information lines flowing within the Army.

  • 10 Jobs


    Army engineers work with some of the world’s most sophisticated hardware and technology in an exciting range of engineering fields.

  • 16 Jobs

    Healthcare, Science & Chaplaincy

    Whether you're working in the field or on the base, you'll use your medical, scientific and personal skills to make a real difference to people’s lives.

  • 22 Jobs

    Logistics, Hospitality & Support

    You’ll keep the Army operating at top efficiency, in a range of challenging environments across Australia and abroad.

  • 36 Jobs

    Officers & Management

    Are you officer material? Army Officers are ordinary people who enjoy extraordinary challenges, leading others and making decisions when it counts.

  • 14 Jobs


    Army tradies learn a variety of skills and earn qualifications that are recognised around Australia.

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Priority roles

The Army is recruiting for these exciting careers, right now.

General Service Officer

Featured Job

General Service Officer

As a General Service Officer in the Army your training will prepare you to lead troops in either full or part-time roles.

Nursing Officer

Featured Job

Nursing Officer

With a career in the Army, you’ll enjoy the sort of variety, challenges and travel that you simply can’t get as a civilian nurse.

Medical Officer

Featured Job

Medical Officer

As an Army doctor a broad range of professional opportunities are open to you including General Practitioner, Procedural Specialist or Senior Health Services Manager. You can also expect to be deployed in support of combat, peacekeeping or humanitarian…


Featured Job


Looking for a job you won’t need that morning caffeine hit for? As an Artilleryman you’ll learn how to assemble and fire state-of-the-art weaponry and be part of a tight team providing the Army with highly accurate and vital fire support.