Our Purpose &Work

The Australian Army is one of the world's leading military forces. Learn about our key defensive role, the operations we support overseas, our contribution to disaster relief, and our vision for the future.

Protecting the interests ofAustralia andourpeople

In cooperation with the Navy and Air Force, the Army is tasked with the defence of our nation, our people, our values and our way of life.

We provide a formidable defensive capability built upon courage, initiative, respect and teamwork; combined with the use of cutting-edge weapons, vehicles and military technology.

Helping communities and supporting international operations

In addition to defending our nation, the Army supports a broad range of operations in Australia and overseas, including:

  • supporting international security and counter-terrorism initiatives,
  • protecting our borders from illegal activity and incursions,
  • supporting humanitarian and peacekeeping operations, and
  • helping communities affected by natural disasters.
The Army provides critical assistance in response to floods, bushfires and other natural disasters here and overseas.

Adapting to complex strategicenvironments

The defence landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate, with potential threats coming from areas barely envisaged a decade ago.

As a modern and forward-thinking organisation the Army is constantly evolving to meet these complex challenges; and to maintain our ability to deploy effectively when required to. We invest in the latest military technology, and provide world-class training to ensure all personnel are equipped with the skills to adapt to future strategic needs.