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Vehicles and Aircraft

The Australian Army has a range of vehicles and aircraft that are amongst the world's most advanced. From extreme desert heat to small arms fire, Army hardware is built to overcome every challenge.

M1A1 Abrams Tank

Australia's newest fighting vehicle is one of the fastest, most manoeuvrable, heavily armoured and powerful tanks in the world today.


Designed right here in Australia, the Bushmaster can rapidly deploy battle ready troops in all environments. It can carry a section of soldiers and can operate in a range of terrains.

Light Armoured
Vehicle (ASLAV)

A high performance combat vehicle ideally suited to the harsh, off road terrain and vast distances.


One of the longest-serving vehicles in the Army, the M113 troop carrier provides personnel with protected mobility capability.


Used throughout the Australian Army, the G-Wagon is a multi-purpose lightweight off-roader that operates in a variety of configurations.

M777 Howitzer

The Army's big hitting artillery piece. Its role is to provide fire support for infantry from distances in excess of 20km away using a range of different ammunition.

ARH Tiger

The ARH Tiger is one of the world’s most advanced armed reconnaissance helicopter incorporating cutting-edge technologies, including an integrated suite of sensors and weapons.


The Chinook is both fast and powerful. Capable of speeds greater than many contemporary utility and attack helicopters, its primary roles include troop movement, artillery placement and battlefield re-supply.


One of the most sophisticated tactical troop transport helicopters of the 21st Century, the MRH-90 is in the 10-tonne helicopter class and is capable of carrying two pilots, two loadmasters and 18 fully equipped troops, flying at speeds of up to 300km/h.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Ranging from large scale aircraft that can observe from high altitudes, to hand-held units deployed from a backpack for reconnaissance and surveillance.