Women in the Army

The Army is a great career choice for women. You can now apply for any role and enjoy an exciting lifestyle in a supportive environment, with equal opportunities for advancement.

Benefit from career equality acrosstheService

Today's Army is a modern and forward-thinking organisation. We recognise that all personnel have an equal right to training and opportunities for advancement; and that the desire to raise a family should not impede career development. We offer flexible employment arrangements including part-time work and extended leave to accommodate changes in circumstances.

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Enjoy an exciting and well-balancedlifestyle

Thousands of Army women love the work/life balance. Most Army jobs have regular hours, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to get away, relax, socialise, and spend time with your family.

Enjoy an exciting and well-balanced lifestyle Enjoy an exciting and well-balanced lifestyle Enjoy an exciting and well-balanced lifestyle Enjoy an exciting and well-balanced lifestyle
Build friendships through shared experiences

You and your Army friends will have access to extensive sports, fitness and leisure facilities on base. Through your work you'll meet a wide range of people and share some amazing and unique experiences.

Whatever you love doing, find the perfect career in the Army

Women of all backgrounds enjoy rewarding careers in the Army, across a broad range of trades and professions. We believe the opportunities you are offered should be based on attributes and potential, regardless of gender.

Be paid to stay fit

Be paid to stay fit Be paid to stay fit Be paid to stay fit

Exercise will form part of your daily work routine in the Army, and we'll help you get fit and stay fit.

How fit do you need to be to join?

Before you can join the Army you'll have to take a Pre-entry Fitness Assessment (PFA) requiring you to complete:


Most applicants find that becoming fit enough for the test is easily achievable. Our new ADF Active app helps you assess your current fitness, then provides a personalised program designed to guide you to the required PFA level before the date of your assessment.


These flexible enlistment pathways have been developed with the needs of female candidates seeking full-time roles in mind.

For details of two additional pathways that are available to Indigenous Australian women, see our People & Diversity page. To find out more about any pathway, call 13 19 01 or contact a recruiter:

Getting Started

Recruit When Ready is for you, if you demonstrate high potential when interviewed and are keen to join as soon as possible.

  • Lets you start at a time that suits your personal circumstances
  • Open to all General Entry roles

Recruit to Area is for you, if serving in a specific location is a high priority for reasons such as family commitments.

  • First posting near your home or desired location
  • Open to all General Entry roles
  • Available for first posting, after completion of recruit and initial employment training

The Army Pre-Conditioning Program is for you, if you have all of the attributes we're looking for but fall short on the fitness levels required.

  • Gets you to the fitness level required for recruit training
  • 7-week course in Kapooka NSW
  • Can be combined with other pathways

Candidates must achieve a fitness level of 4 push-ups, 20 sit-ups and 6.1 on the beep test.

The Army Physical Fitness Program is for you, if you want to build your strength, fitness and stamina before enlisting in an Army combat role.

  • Increases your fitness prior to enlistment
  • Carried out locally
  • Five sessions per week for 12 weeks
  • Supervised by a Level One Coach

A two-year role is for you, if you want to experience life in the Army but are concerned about the number of years you have to commit to. Jobs available are:

  • ADMINISTRATION: Administration Assistant.
  • COMBAT AND SECURITY: Armoured Cavalry, Artilleryman, Artillery Command Systems Operator, Artillery Observer, Combat Engineer and Infantry Soldier.
  • LOGISTICS AND HOSPITALITY: Ammunition Supplier, Cook, and Operator Movements