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What You’ll Be Paid

As an Army Officer or Soldier, you’ll be paid a competitive salary and unbeatable benefits. It starts from the moment your training begins and increases with your rank and experience.

Army pay scales

There are three types of pay brackets that apply to Army personnel: training, officers and soldiers. How much you get paid depends on your role, qualifications and experience. Click here to see the Army's pay scales.

Pay Rates


$35,100 per year


$40,000 - $45,100 per year


$40,900 - $46,300 per year


$30,000 (4 years study) - $46,300 (final year)


$58,000 (1st year) - $69,000 (postgrad year)

*Wages paid are available on each job information page.
For more details on the current salary paid to Australian Defence Personnel, please refer to the ADF Pay Rates document.

You’ll love the paid training

Your pay kicks in the moment your training starts. Once you’re fully-trained, you’ll earn a competitive salary with benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

Pay rise

Your salary will continue to increase based on competency level, rank and years of service. If you learn new skills or do further study, your income may rise even further.

Get paid to train

There aren’t many jobs where you’re paid to complete your training. How much you earn as a trainee depends on what stage you are at and the type of training or study you are undertaking.

Other benefits

In the Army, you’ll also be entitled many smaller perks that really add up, including a Service Allowance of $13,184 per year and Uniform Allowance of up to $682 per year.