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Keep the Army Running

The Army operates smoothly thanks to the many talented officers and soldiers in business and administration roles.

Business, Administration & Education

Just like any major organisation, the Army needs talented people to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. From admin clerks to legal experts and financial managers, we have roles where you can make a real difference.

So if you've got a head for business and are a natural planner, join this team of motivated officers and soldiers.


Officers are the leaders of the Army, relied upon for their decision making skills. Before you begin a career as an officer, you'll learn the skills to command at the Royal Military College, Duntroon.

Education Officer

Royal Australian Army Educational Corps Officers perform a diverse range of jobs including training developers; instructional design of computer based learning materials; and as teachers of literacy and numeracy, and English as a second language.

Finance Officer

As a Finance Officer you are responsible for the provision of advice to commanders in the area of financial management of Public Moneys. Your team will be responsible for the preparation of budgets, financial statements, cash flow analysis, accrual accounting, costings and financial analysis.

Legal Officer

A unique opportunity for barristers and solicitors to broaden their experience in the areas of civil, administrative, international and operations law.


Becoming a soldier offers a wealth of career opportunities. After basic training, you will be able to specialise in the profession that suits your skills and ambitions.

Administration Clerk

Do you have great attention to detail and enjoy assisting others? Then a career as an Administration Clerk will give you challenging opportunities to provide clerical support and guidance to soldiers and commanders across a wide range of tasks.

Clerk Finance

A unique career with the Australian Army responsible for pay and allowance procedures for a large number of staff. Training provided.