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The frontline of Australia's defence

Military hardware, awesome firepower and
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Combat & Security

Be Australia’s first line of defence and learn to make the right decisions under the toughest circumstances. You’ll be part of one of the world's most advanced military forces, and help to identify threats from a variety of unexpected sources. But it’s not all combat; you’ll also support peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations in Australia and around the world.


Officers are the leaders of the Army, relied upon for their decision making skills. Before you begin a career as an officer, you'll learn the skills to command at the Royal Military College, Duntroon.

Armoured Corps Officer

As an Armoured Corps Officer you will command and lead soldiers who operate some of the most high-tech mobile weapon systems in the world. If you want to be respected by your peers and team and fill one of the most highly sought after combat leader positions available in Army, then this is for you.

Artillery Officer

If you have decisive leadership capabilities, commanding the Army's Artillery delivery and surveillance platforms will challenge you physically and mentally and provide you a rewarding career as an integral part of the Combined Arms Combat team.

Australian Defence Force Investigator

Use your proven experience as a professional investigator in this challenging part-time Army officer role investigating matters involving Australian Defence personnel both within Australia and overseas whilst on operations.

Infantry Officer

Infantry Officers command elite soldiers in challenging, diverse and sometimes very remote environments. Your team will depend on you, as you will on them, and your role will be essential to the operations of the Army. This is a highly sought after role and best suited to those that have high standards of mental and physical toughness.

Intelligence Corps Officer

Where would you start if you were going into a war zone or attempting to deal with a subversive group planning a terrorist attack? As an Army Intelligence Corps Officer, you will provide advice to all levels of command to ensure that their situational awareness and operational planning is timely and mission correct. Be a respected member of a highly professional team.

Military Police Officer

A challenging career as a Military Police Officer will ensure that you experience policing activities beyond the operational ability of any civilian law enforcement agency.


Becoming a soldier offers a wealth of career opportunities. After basic training, you will be able to specialise in the profession that suits your skills and ambitions.

Artillery Command Systems Operator

Do you enjoy online war games and wish you could do it for a job, if so, this may be a job for you. As an Artillery Command Systems Operator you will operate tactical computer and communication equipment to support the firepower of the Royal Australian Artillery. If you are seeking a challenge, this is for you.

Artillery Light Gunner

Looking for fast paced action and excited by the thrill of the chase? Then operating 81mm mortars with targets up to a challenging 5 kilometres away as a part-time Artillery Light Gunner is for you.


Looking for a job you won’t need that morning caffeine hit for? As an Artilleryman you’ll learn how to assemble and fire state-of-the-art weaponry and be part of a tight team providing the Army with highly accurate and vital fire support.


As a Cavalryman you will be given the opportunity to work in one of the fastest and most advanced armoured vehicles in the world. This is an incredibly dynamic, exciting and rewarding role within the Armoured Corps.

Surveillance Aircraft Operator

If you’re the kind of person who’s clocked-up a few hours building remote control models, then a job as a Surveillance Aircraft Operator could be for you. Operating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, your bird’s eye view will monitor potential ground threats and help ensure the safety of troops on the ground.

Analyst Intelligence Operations

As an Analyst Intelligence Operations you will advise Commanders on the threat situation. The Commander will make decisions based on the intelligence you provide. In short, your role is encapsulated in the Australian Intelligence Corps motto 'Forewarned, Forearmed’.

Armoured Personnel Carrier Crewman

As an APC Crewman you will be employed as a M113 vehicle driver in a Armoured Personnel Carrier Troop (APC TP). In your role as an APC Crewman you will be given the opportunity to work in and drive one of the most advanced Armoured Personnel Carriers in the world.

Artillery - Air Defender

Think fast on your feet and keep an eye on the sky. This is an opportunity for fit and confident men and women to work within a highly trained, tight-knit team, making the decisions that count as an Air Defender in the Royal Australian Artillery.

Artillery Observer

Do you have a keen eye for observation? Want to engage hostile targets with all available firepower with just a touch of a screen? Then a career as an Artillery Observer using a range of state of the art equipment from laser rangefinders to thermal surveillance systems and touch screen video down links to locate enemy forces will provide this unique opportunity.

Combat Engineer

As a Combat Engineer you will become a specialist in bridge-building, minefield clearance, demolition using explosives, field defence systems, water purification as well as road and airfield construction and repair. If you want a rewarding career as part of a highly qualified team experiencing true adventure, this job is for you.


Commandos are trained to an exceptionally high level, both physically and mentally and expected to perform accordingly. A Commando is mentally tough, quick thinking, innovative and can keep a cool head in difficult and complex situations all over the world.

Fire Fighter/Emergency Responder

If you want to be part of a unique fire fighting, emergency response, rescue and first aid team and receive great qualifications, great pay, and excellent life experiences, then this is for you. Get paid while you are training and have a great time.

Light Cavalry Scout

Light Cavalry Scouts are specialists in mounted and foot based surveillance and patrolling who are trained to protect the team and their vehicles. If you want to be highly trained, and highly regarded amongst your peers and team, then this is for you.

Military Police

The Royal Australian Corps of Military Police is a small, highly trained and professional Corps providing command support and police support to the Army and the Australian Defence Force in peace, crisis and conflict on any operation, anywhere in the world.


Operating in the far North and West are specially trained soldiers that work as part of the Regional Force Surveillance Units. If you seek great training and experiences in some of the most remote locations in Australia, then this is for you.


As a member of a highly skilled Infantry combat team, you will be a specialist in patrolling, cordon and search, surveillance, and infantry tactics. Your team will depend on you, as you will on them, and your role will be critical to mission success.

Tank Crewman

As a Tank Crewman you are part of a highly trained combat team working in one of the fastest and most advanced combat battle tanks in the world. If you would like to be respected for the mission critical role that you will play, then this is for you.