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On the Cutting-Edge

If you think you’ve got what it takes to work with some of the most sophisticated technology in the world, why not do it in the company of the best?

Communications, IT & Intelligence

Choose a Communications, IT or Intelligence role and you’ll be responsible for the Army’s communication and information requirements around the world, while being at the front line of safety and security back home too. From relaying secure messages and pinpointing enemy positions to handling classified material, you’ll be in a role that helps keep the Army connected.


Officers are the leaders of the Army, relied upon for their decision making skills. Before you begin a career as an officer, you'll learn the skills to command at the Royal Military College, Duntroon.

Intelligence Corps Officer

Where would you start if you were going into a war zone or attempting to deal with a subversive group planning a terrorist attack? As an Army Intelligence Corps Officer, you will provide advice to all levels of command to ensure that their situational awareness and operational planning is timely and mission correct. Be a respected member of a highly professional team.

Signals Corps Officer

With your unique understanding of communications, information systems and electronic warfare you’ll ensure the delivery of a complete information service during times of peace, conflict and crisis. To apply for this role you will need to apply as a General Service Officer, and while due consideration is given, you aren't guaranteed of being allocated to the Corps of your choice.


Becoming a soldier offers a wealth of career opportunities. After basic training, you will be able to specialise in the profession that suits your skills and ambitions.

Artillery Command Systems Operator

The role of the Artillery is to support other arms and services by establishing such fire supremacy on the battle field that the enemy can neither interfere with our operations nor develop his own. As an Artillery Command Systems Operator you are the pivotal link in achieving the Artillery’s mission. If you are seeking a challenge, this is for you.

Communication Systems Operator

When you’re trying to get any job done in a team it all comes down to good communication. As a trained Communication Systems Operator you will use your knowledge of radio and satellite communications to provide vital communications for the Commander.

Analyst Intelligence Operations

As an Analyst Intelligence Operations you will advise Commanders on the threat situation. The Commander will make decisions based on the intelligence you provide. In short, your role is encapsulated in the Australian Intelligence Corps motto 'Forewarned, Forearmed’.

Electronic Warfare Operator

Electronic Warfare Operators fight in the electromagnetic spectrum. They work in small teams, using the latest electronic equipment to turn the enemy’s communications against them. In times of peace and war, electronic Warfare operators are the ever-vigilant electronic ‘ears’ of the Army.

Geospatial Technician

Geospatial Technicians are specialists supporting the Army's unique requirements for accurate and timely geospatial information in both domestic and international operations. If you seek highly sought after qualifications and great pay, this is for you.

Information Systems Technician

Be a part of a large organisation responsible for the installation, configuration and maintenance of Local and Wide Area Networks. Training provided.

Multimedia Technician

An exciting position working in a range of environments preparing technical drawings and preparing illustrative material for a range of purposes. Training provided.

Telecommunications Technician

Become a Telecommunications Technician and work with high-tech military grade communication equipment supporting the Army in Australia and overseas. With unrivalled training, this is a role that will take your career to the next level.