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Backbone of the Army

Engineering lays the foundations that keep this large organisation functioning as a high-performance unit.


Work with the Army's most sophisticated hardware and technology in a variety of engineering fields. Army engineers help solve technical problems and work to improve lives in some of the world’s hardest hit regions. The challenges don’t get much bigger.


Officers are the leaders of the Army, relied upon for their decision making skills. Before you begin a career as an officer, you'll learn the skills to command at the Royal Military College, Duntroon.

Aerospace Engineer - Aeronautical

Work at the forefront of the very latest aviation technology designing, constructing and maintaining the Army's helicopters alongside some of the most talented engineers in the Defence Force. Well, what are you waiting for?

Aerospace Engineer - Avionics

As an Avionics Engineer in the Army, you’ll be responsible for the instruments that make crucial missions possible. You’ll work alongside talented people in the Defence Force, with the newest helicopters in the country. So, what’s stopping you?

Aerospace Engineer - Software

You’ll work on some of the newest helicopters in the country and be responsible for the design, construction and testing of large software systems to enhance Army's Aviation capabilities alongside a talented and supportive team. It doesn’t get much better.

Civil Engineer

Command and manage a troop of tradesmen and field engineer soldiers. You’ll be involved in training, administration and logistics, engineering design and facilities management.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineer Officer

A challenging opportunity to be part of a technical team responsible for the maintenance of the Army's modern hardware and equipment.To be considered for this role you will need to apply as a General Service Officer.

Electrical/Mechatronic Engineer

Take on the role of platoon commander within a major maintenance unit, where you’ll be responsible for the technical and administrative needs of your tradespeople.

Engineer Corps Officer

As an Engineer Corps Officer manage an elite team constructing and maintaining roads and airfields, demolishing bridges and providing services such as water, power generation, fire-fighting and sewerage.

Mechanical Engineer

Maintain the Army’s modern hardware and equipment. You’ll get your hands on everything from tanks and artillery to missile systems, water craft, aircraft and helicopters.


Becoming a soldier offers a wealth of career opportunities. After basic training, you will be able to specialise in the profession that suits your skills and ambitions.

Combat Engineer

As a Combat Engineer you will become a specialist in bridge-building, minefield clearance, demolition using explosives, field defence systems, water purification as well as road and airfield construction and repair. If you want a rewarding career as part of a highly qualified team experiencing true adventure, this job is for you.

Geospatial Technician

Geospatial Technicians are specialists supporting the Army's unique requirements for accurate and timely geospatial information in both domestic and international operations. If you seek highly sought after qualifications and great pay, this is for you.