Eligibility Check

If you're an average Aussie you probably tick all the boxes for a career in the Army. Check your general eligibility here, and see individual job pages for role-specific requirements.


You must be an Australian Citizen to join the Army or a Permanent Resident able to prove you have started your citizenship application. You'll need to show us the relevant documents when you apply for a job, such as an Australian Birth Certificate, Australian Passport or Australian Citizenship Certificate.

It's really rewarding putting your skills to use to help your own community

Health & Fitness

To carry out Army duties, you must be both mentally and physically fit. You'll undertake several medical tests and a pre-entry fitness test during the recruitment process. Staying fit and healthy is all part of the Army lifestyle.

Age & Gender

All Army roles are now available to both men and women. You can start applying for an Army career at sixteen (depending on Recruiting Centre capacity), and join when you are seventeen. Maximum ages vary by role so check individual job descriptions.

Behaviour & Appearance

You are representing your country in the Army, so high standards of behaviour are expected. Good grooming is compulsory; and make-up, jewellery and tattoos are all acceptable within our reasonable guidelines.