Entry Methods

There are several ways to start your career in the Army. Each job has different entry options and requirements, and your Defence Force Recruiter will help you decide what's right for you.

We offer Officer roles for school leavers, undergraduates, graduates and qualified professionals. You’ll need to meet the education requirements of the specific role you are applying for, details of which can be found on each job page. The length of service you'll be expected to complete varies by job, but can be as little as three years.

You'll find many excellent career options in the Army that don’t require experience or qualifications. For these positions, you’ll receive all the training you need, be paid while you train and can earn industry-recognised qualifications.

While you don't require Year 12 to join, it's best to check each job page for specific entry and education requirements. General Entry applicants must serve a minimum period of between two and six years, depending on your role.

Australian Defence Force Academy

Start a career in the Army and undertake military training whilst being paid to study a recognised degree from the University of New South Wales, by entering via ADFA, the Australian Defence Force Academy.

Graduate entry

Equipped with a recognised degree in a field such as Medicine, Law, Dentistry, Nursing, Engineering, Business or IT, you can apply for an Officer role through Graduate Entry. Whether you’re a recent graduate or in the middle of your career, you’ll receive further training and postgraduate study opportunities in the Army, so you can add an exciting new dimension to your work.

Graduate Medical Program

If you hold an appropriate undergraduate degree, have successfully completed the Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admission Test (GAMSAT), and have been accepted into an Australian university, you can apply to enter the Army through the Graduate Medical Program. If successful you will be sponsored as a medical practitioner, then serve as a Medical Officer.

Royal Military College Duntroon

Whether or not you have a degree, if you want to become an Army Officer you'll receive world-class leadership training at the Royal Military College (RMC) near Canberra; and may be in command of 30 or more soldiers 18 months.

Undergraduate entry

University Sponsorship is available for those studying a relevant degree at an Australian university who have completed at least one year of a three or four year course (or two years of a five or six year degree). If you are eligible and accepted you will have your fees paid in return for a commitment to an Officer role in the Army.


If you want to gain extra training and experience in your trade or profession, while doing something different and worthwhile for your country, you can apply to join the Army Reserve. Please check the entry requirements and required periods of service on each job page.

Other Ranks (Technical)

If you've completed Year 10 (or equivalent) with passes in English, Maths, Science and one other subject, you can choose from a broad range of technical and trade apprenticeships in the Army, and you'll be paid while you learn. Some trade roles also require Science with a Physics component so check individual job descriptions before starting your application.

Qualified (Technical)

Equipped with an appropriate trade qualification you can join the Army through this entry method and apply your skills to exciting new career challenges. You'll find specific qualification requirements on each job page.

Other Ranks (Non Technical)

Completion of Year 10 (or equivalent) with passes in English and Maths is the minimum educational requirement for a job in the Army, and there are plenty of career opportunities to choose from. Some roles in this category require a pass in Year 10 Maths and Science, or passes in Year 11 (or equivalent) and above.


The Army Reserve gives you the opportunity to do something really different beyond your day job, while helping the community and giving something back to our country, you can apply to join the Army Reserve. Check out the entry requirements and required periods of service on each job page.