Fitness Requirements

Being paid to stay fit and healthy is one of the many benefits of joining the Army. Reaching the minimum fitness level required for entry is well within most people's capability.

How fit must I be?

Before you are accepted into the Army you will need to take a Pre-entry Fitness Assessment (PFA). To pass you will have to achieve the following:



If, as a woman, you have the attributes we're looking for but fail the PFA, there is an alternative pathway. You can apply to join the Army Pre-Conditioning Program, which will help get you to the fitness levels required to undertake recruit training. Find out more here:

What about weight?

The maximum allowable Body Mass Index (BMI) for entry to the Army is 32.9 (29.9 for helicopter pilots). BMIs of less than 18.5 are considered too low as they present a risk of injury during training. Your BMI will be measured before you can join, so check it well in advance and take any actions necessary.

What next?

The ADF Active mobile app will help you determine if you're fit enough to serve, then guides you to the fitness level required to join the Army. Alternatively you can follow our 4-week Fitness Plan.