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Work at the forefront of the very latest aviation technology designing, constructing and maintaining the Army's helicopters alongside some of the most talented engineers in the Defence Force. Well, what are you waiting for?

Job Details

Australian Defence Force Academy, Undergraduate, Graduate

The function of an aeronautical engineer is as old as aircraft itself. Employment in this function involves the design, construction, and science of aircraft and spacecraft. While not yet involved in trying to master outer space, the Australian Army is looking for aeronautical engineers to look after the second largest aircraft fleet operator, and the largest helicopter operator, in Australia. As an Aeronautical Engineer, you will be responsible for new and exciting capabilities within the Defence Force such as the Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter, the Chinook, Black Hawk and Multi-Role Helicopter platforms.

As an Aeronautical Engineer you will be employed as an officer in the Australian Army with the full range of regimental, engineering specific, and staff duties where your skills can be used to enhance Army Aviation’s capabilities. Specifically, Army Aeronautical Engineering Officers are engaged in a range of maintenance, logistics and engineering management functions relating to our fleet of helicopters. Throughout your career you will receive helicopter specific training to enhance your understanding of mechanical, electrical, avionics and armament systems on the aircraft.

Your initial employment in the Army would usually be as a junior engineer within a helicopter squadron. In addition to gaining hands on experience with the aircraft you will play an important role in managing the maintenance team and ensuring helicopter airworthiness and availability is maintained. Working as an engineer in an aviation squadron, you may also have the opportunity to lead a maintenance team in support of international aviation operations.

Our Aeronautical Engineers also perform logistic management and design engineering roles within the Army Aviation Systems Program Office. Opportunities within this area may include the implementation of a modification program for Army helicopters and approving structural repair designs for our aircraft.

Furthermore, the recent acquisition of the Armed Reconnaissance and Multi-Role Helicopters has required many Army Aeronautical Engineers to work as project engineers both within Australia and as part of our resident team in France.

Additional employment opportunities lie in the field of engineering and maintenance planning, flight test engineering and helicopter simulation. Army Aeronautical Engineers also have a range of opportunities for overseas travel and/or post-graduate study.

With new aircraft acquisitions and the constant demand for helicopters to support Army operations, your career as an Aeronautical Engineering Officer promises to be challenging and extremely rewarding.