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Commandos are trained to an exceptionally high level, both physically and mentally and expected to perform accordingly. A Commando is mentally tough, quick thinking, innovative and can keep a cool head in difficult and complex situations all over the world.

Job Details

Commandos are highly skilled soldiers who are trained and qualified in a range of advanced specialist weapons and equipment and can deploy to their area of operations over long distances using a wide range of insertion methods. Commandos can operate in a variety of demanding operational situations in any region of the world where Australia's national interests are served. In recent times, Commandos have deployed to a wide range of locations including East Timor, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Solomon Islands.

Commandos work hard and for long hours, therefore you must be mentally tough, able to cope with extended irregular hours and have a demonstrated ability to balance your professional and personal responsibilities. As a Commando you will be expected to undertake new tasks quickly, respond effectively to challenges and to adapt to different environments. This includes the ability to operate effectively and without signs of undue stress, panic or excessive fear when exposed to heights, in dark confined spaces, in the ocean or in a surf zone at any time, either alone or as part of a team.

Main Job Functions

As a Commando you will form part of one of Australia’s highly respected Special Forces units being either 1st Commando Regiment (Reserve) or 2nd Commando Regiment (Regular Army). You will use advanced tactics and specialist weapons and equipment with stealth, surprise and the precise application of hard-hitting shock action in a range of operations.

Some of the tasks you will be required to perform as a Commando are (but not limited to):

  • Accurately employ a range of advanced weapon systems;
  • Fight at close quarters;
  • Participate in a fighting patrol in both urban and rural operations;
  • Destroy targets using explosives;
  • Parachute onto land or into water;
  • Participate in Tactical Air Land Operations from both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft;
  • Embark and disembark from amphibious insertion craft in surf (beach and rocky landings) and from parent craft;
  • Ascend and descend vertical obstacles using military roping and caving techniques;
  • Operate communications equipment;
  • Conduct entry to structures;
  • Conduct airborne rappelling and fast roping; 
  • Comply with the Laws of Armed Conflict (LOAC), Rules of Engagement (ROE) and adhere to Orders for Opening Fire (OFOF);
  • Learn and use foreign languages in operational and training deployments; and
  • Conduct close personal protection to high ranking military and government ministers in war-like situations.

Being a Commando is no ordinary career. It will take you well beyond the limits of conventional soldiering, challenging you to perform at a level past anything you will have encountered in your civilian life. You are likely to learn more about yourself and what you are capable of, both physically and mentally, than you would have thought possible. However, being a Special Forces soldier is a unique and rewarding career.


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