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Employment Training

Infantry Initial Employment Training: 74 days, not including weekends.

Note: Course duration may vary depending on public holidays and other Army requirements.

Those of you who successfully complete recruit training will attend the standard 72 day RAInf (ECN343) Rifleman Infantry Operations - Basic Course at the School of Infantry, Singleton NSW. At the School of Infantry you will be trained and qualified in basic infantry tactics and a range of specialist infantry weapons and equipment.

Candidates who are unable to successfully complete their Infantry training will not be permitted to continue with the scheme. In this case you will be encouraged to undertake training for one of the critical support trades within the Special Forces or in the general Army. You can apply again for Commando (ECN 079) selection and training after you have completed 24 months of general Army service.

Special Forces Accelerated Infantry Training Program: 13 Weeks

Note: Course duration may vary depending on public holidays and other Army requirements.

As a successful RAInf graduate, you will complete six weeks of Special Forces preparation training, known as the Special Forces Accelerated Infantry Training Program, conducted at the Special Forces Training Centre, Singleton, NSW. The Special Forces Accelerated Infantry Training Program is designed to prepare you for the Special Forces Entry Test and subsequent Commando training. This accelerated training will enhance your physiological and psychological conditioning.

The Accelerated Infantry Training program provides an opportunity for you to apply the knowledge and skills developed during recruit and IET. It will provide you with further training in navigation, communications, first aid, and field-craft. It also provides additional knowledge and skills, such as instinctive weapon handling. During this training we also aim to develop your tactical awareness.

During the Accelerated Infantry Training program you will also commence the 15 week Commando Physical Training Package undertaken by Special Forces candidates already serving in the ADF.

Put simply, we aim to provide you with more knowledge and skills, make you battle fit and mentally tougher. This training will increase your chance of success during Commando training. Most importantly, we aim to build your sense of commitment and motivation to becoming a Commando.

How will you know if you have successfully achieved the requirements of this training? You will be tested on the Special Forces Screen Test.

Special Forces Training

Before commencing the Commando Selection and Training Course you will be required to show that you are committed, motivated and capable of withstanding the severe physical and environmental stresses associated with the Commando Selection and Training Course. These will be assessed during the Special Forces Screen Test.

The Special Forces Screen Test

The Special Forces Screen Test is conducted over approximately a 7 hour period and includes a range of physical assessments. There will also be a cognitive screening aspect to the test, which will involve an interview before a Special Forces panel. Both of these activities are designed to determine your suitability to attend the Commando Selection and Training Course.

To be assessed as suitable, you must complete a fitness assessment involving:

  • Push ups (cadence);
  • Chin ups (cadence) ;
  • Vertec (vertical leap);
  • Flexibility Test;
  • Sit up Test;
  • Beep Test;
  • Agility Test;
  • Yo Yo Intermittent Recovery Test;
  • Pack March (5km carrying 40kg) ; and
  • Swim Test (2min tread water before swimming 400m in DPCU) ;

There is no minimum standard during this testing and you will be measured against all other candidates. At the conclusion of a Special Forces Screen Test, a Selection Advisory Committee will be convened to determine whether you have the potential for service in Special Forces and whether you are suitable to attend the Commando Selection and Training Course. Their determination will be made on your performance at recruit training, infantry training, and the Accelerated Infantry Training program, and on your results from the Special Forces Screen Test.

Candidates who do not pass the Special Forces Screen Test and are not recommended by the Selection Advisory Committee will be encouraged to undertake training for critical support trades within Special Forces (or within the general Army).

In summary, this phase of your training will get you to a point where you are assessed as suitable to commence the Commando Selection and Training Course. It will take you at least 27 weeks to reach this point, depending on the length of your recruit training.

Commando Selection and Training Course: 39 days (not including weekends).

Note: Course duration may vary depending on public holidays and other Army requirements.

Having mastered basic Infantry skills during the Infantry Initial Employment Training and Accelerated Infantry Training, the Commando Selection and Training Course is designed as both a selection and training course. This is a very challenging and arduous course that is conducted over 6 weeks.

A large part of this course is focused on the employment of the Commando in the field operational environment. Therefore, much of the course is conducted in the field. The course also requires Commando reinforcements to participate in live-fire, field firing activities, conducted by night and day, using live ammunition, and a range of supporting weapons.

At the completion of this training, you should be proficient in the basic Commando tactics at the team and platoon level, by day and by night, in the field operational environment.

Throughout this training you will be assessed at the same standard as the other lateral in-service members wishing to serve as a Commando.

On successful completion of the Commando Selection and Training Course you will commence the Commando Initial Employment training.

Commando Initial Employment Training

Commando Initial Employment Training consists of the following:

  • Special Forces Weapons Course; 
  • Advanced Close Quarter Battle Course;
  • Commando Urban Operations Course;
  • Close Quarter Fighting Course;
  • Advanced Marksmanship Course;
  • Special Forces Demolitions Course;
  • Special Forces Basic Parachute Course (including water insertion training);
  • Commando Vehicle Operators Course;
  • Commando Amphibious Operators Course;
  • Special Forces Military Roping Course; and
  • Combat First Aiders Course. 


This training is only the start. On the successful completion of your Initial Employment Training and earning your Green Beret, you will be expected to undertake a range of further Commando specialist courses. Below are just a sample of courses that you may be exposed to during subsequent Commando specialist training:

  • Advanced Driving skills;
  • Methods of Breaching;
  • Mortar Operator;
  • Cold weather / Mountaineering Operator;
  • Language training;
  • Military Working Dog Handler; and 
  • Combat Survival.

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