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Other Ranks (Non Technical)

The only method of Direct Enlistment as a Commando in the Australian Army is through the Special Forces Direct Recruitment Scheme. You will be enlisted in the Infantry Corps.

If you are successful as a Special Forces Direct Recruitment Scheme General Entry Commando you will graduate from your Basic Military training, Infantry Initial Employment Training and Commando Initial Employment Training at the rank of private. As with other jobs within the Army, you will be eligible to be promoted to higher ranks. Based on your performance, successful completion of both Army and Commando promotion courses and vacancies, you can expect to be considered for promotion to Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant and Warrant Officer as your career progresses.

Other Ranks (Non Technical) (Reserve)
To be considered for service as a Commando in the 1st Commando Regiment you must first complete Reserve Recruit Training and Infantry Initial Employment Training. Having completed these courses, you will parade with the 1st Commando Regiment as a qualified Infantry Rifleman. Here you will conduct training and preparation for your Commando selection and reinforcement courses. If you are a Reservist already, you will parade under your current corps and trade until such time you become a qualified Commando.

Your next step to becoming a qualified Commando is to successfully complete the Special Forces Entry Test, the Commando Selection Course, and the Commando reinforcement training cycle. This can take between 24-60 months and requires significant determination and commitment from the candidate. As a candidate your training will likely require in excess of 50 days service per year. Alternatively, you can complete the Commando reinforcement training cycle on a full-time basis over 12 months.

If you successfully complete your Commando selection and reinforcement courses, you will receive your Green Beret and qualify as a Commando Grade One at the rank of Private. Most importantly, you will serve as a Commando in the 1st Commando Regiment.

As with other jobs in the Army Reserve, you will be eligible for promotion to higher ranks based on your performance and successful completion of Army promotion courses and specialist Commando courses.


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