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Forget that ordinary transport company job. As a Driver Specialist in the Army you will be trained to operate some of the most advanced transport machinery and vehicles in the world. From Road Trains to 4WDs, we have them all.

Job Details

Other Ranks (Non Technical), Other Ranks (Non Technical) (Reserve)

Role. The role of the Royal Australian Corps of Transport (RACT) is to control and operate Army owned surface transport, other than unit transport, and to provide movement control, terminal, postal and Army aspects of air logistic support to the Army.

The RACT plays a pivotal role within the distribution network of the Australian Army. The men and women of the RACT plan and deliver the required personnel, stores and equipment, Combat Service Support (CSS) through the distribution process utilising road, rail, sea and air transportation.

The RACT has many tasks to perform including operating the Army fleet of landing craft and amphibious vehicles, all forms of road transport, distribution centres and specialist units that prepare, pack and dispatch supplies dropped from the air. To perform these tasks, the RACT is equipped with a large selection of vehicles including:

  • Landrover 110 - 4 X 4 and 6 x 6 variants;
  • Mercedes Benz G Wagon - 4 X 4 and 6 x 6 variants;
  • Mercedes Benz Unimog - 4 x 4 Medium Rigid truck variants;
  • Mack Fleetliner MC2 Heavy Rigid variants (Cargo, fuel, water);
  • Mack 'R' Series MC3 variants Heavy Rigid (Cargo, fuel, water, Dump);
  • Mack 'T' 909 series Semi trailers;
  • Man Heavy equipment transporter/multi combination - up to 110 tonnes (to carry the Abrams main battle tank)

A Driver Specialist (DVR SPEC) is a soldier who operates and manages Army vehicles in combat support and combat service support roles, by day and by night, on all forms of roads (including off road) as required, carrying a variety of loads including cargo, personnel and dangerous goods (DG). A DVR SPEC is required to load, drive and maintain a vehicle and its associated equipment with a payload up to and including 12 tonnes (20 tonnes with trailer). The DVR SPEC may be employed to drive a variety of specialist vehicles including Water Tankers and Fuel Tankers.

Main Job Functions

A DVR SPEC can operate a range of vehicles from Land Rover to Heavy Rigid Class on all forms of roads and off-road as required. Additionally, a DVR SPEC can tow a single trailer (other than a semi-trailer) up to 20 tonnes.

The main job functions for a DVR SPEC are as follows:

  • drive loaded and unloaded vehicles under all conditions, by day and by night, on formed roads and cross country;
  • camouflage a vehicle;
  • operate Material Handling Equipment, such as forklifts and cranes, as necessary;
  • operate equipment fitted to a vehicle such as vehicle mounted cranes and winches;
  • supervise and assist with the loading and unloading of vehicles;
  • conduct non-technical inspections and operator servicing of a vehicle and or assist tradesmen with the repair of that vehicle when required;
  • recover ditched and damaged vehicles using vehicle recovery equipment;
  • operate radio/communications equipment if fitted to a vehicle;
  • perform the function of Assistant Driving Instructor after a qualifying period of 12 months;
  • transport Dangerous Goods and Commonwealth Explosives in accordance with Defence and civilian regulations and legislation;
  • maintain transport documentation;
  • convey VIPs up to Brigadier or equivalent rank;
  • navigate in built up areas and in the field using civil maps, military maps and / or route cards;
  • operate a military vehicle on public roads in accordance with both military and civilian legislation; and
  • operate in an environment of threat.