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The majority of Army communications personnel receive their communications training at the Defence Force School of Signals (DFSS) at Macleod, VIC. You won't find technical and communication schools with a better teacher/student ratio or better equipment and facilities. DFSS is dedicated to giving you the best technical and communications qualification possible.

So you'll have a real edge in life and be assured of success in whatever employment category you choose. Unlike any other school of its kind, you will be paid while you learn and guaranteed a job when you graduate.

And because you'll learn to be a soldier as well as a qualified technician person, you'll also develop a wide range of additional skills including self-discipline, confidence and a real sense of leadership.

Common Corps Training

Duration: 4 weeks.

Location of Training: Defence Force School of Signals, Simpson Barracks Macleod, Victoria.

This course provides basic Royal Australian Corps of Signals skills in a range of communications and qualifies all participants as Basic combat Communicators which is a prerequisite for all Australian Regular Army RA Sigs trade courses. 

Following Common Signals Training at DFSS you will undergo Electronic Warfare Operator employment training as a Language Specialist as follows:

Electronic Warfare Operator – Language specialist (ECN 663) RA Sigs

Duration: 31 weeks.

Location of Training:

This course is delivered in two parts.

Part One is delivered at DFSS in Macleod, Victoria, and requires a Negative Vetting Level 2 (NVL2) security clearance.

Part Two is delivered at Defence Force School of Signals, Electronic Warfare Wing, Borneo barracks, Cabarlah, QLD. Part two can only be commenced once soldiers have attained a TOP SECRET POSITIVE VETTING security clearance.

Course Description:

This course trains ARA trainees in Electronic Warfare and Signal Intelligence fundamentals, including typing.

You must have a Top Secret Positive Vetted (TSPV) clearance in order to commence your Part Two training.

During your Electronic Warfare Operator - Language specialist course you can expect to complete regular after hours study. On the successful completion of this course you will be entitled to Pay Grade 4.

The Defence Force School of Signals (DFSS) is a tri-service training facility and you regularly interact with Navy and Air Force personnel. On completion of the second part of training at Cabarlah, you will be successfully qualified as an EW OP soldier. You will consolidate your skills in a field unit at Cabarlah. Newly qualified EW specialists’ can expect to remain in Cabarlah for approximately 2-3 years before being posted to Canberra, though individual experiences will vary. This will depend on the Army’s needs and personal desires.

It should be noted that there might be periods of time between courses. Should this occur, soldiers will be provided with both meaningful employment and refresher training.