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Military Training

Location of training: Australian Defence Force Academy

Duration of training: 156 Weeks

The academic and military training at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), Canberra ACT, takes three years to complete. After graduation, you will attend the Royal Military College, (RMC) Duntroon, for 12 months to further enhance your military training.

Upon joining ADFA, you will undertake six weeks of initial military training to prepare you for Service life. This training encompasses leadership, ceremonial, physical, field and weapons training. You will also undertake adventure training, learn about academic life and prepare for your first ceremonial parade as a member of the Australian Defence Force. This parade, which is reviewed by the Chief of Defence Force is a great opportunity for your parents, family and friends to celebrate your achievements as you embark on your military career.

During the academic year, up to nine hours per week are assigned to military education and training. This program includes leadership studies, Defence studies, training in military law, weapon handling, communication skills, as well as physical fitness training.

On at least two occasions each year, you will undertake Single Service Training with RMC of approximately two weeks. Over three years, these blocks of training will provide you with all the skills necessary to commence training at RMC upon graduation from ADFA.

Other breaks during the year will provide you with the opportunity to be involved with academic field trips, overseas battlefield study tours, a visit to an overseas defence academy (if you have excelled in your studies) and extracurricular activities such as adventurous training and sporting trips.

All of the above training, together with the qualifications you will gain through your undergraduate degree at the University of New South Wales, will provide you with an excellent grounding to progress with your Army career.

Location of training: Royal Military College

Duration of training: 12 Months

RMC training for ADFA cadets consists of two terms each of approximately six months duration. The first term for ADFA cadets at RMC is referred to as "Second Class" and their final term is known as "First Class". ADFA cadets are not required to complete a preceding six months of RMC training referred to as "Third Class" because of the academic and military training completed at ADFA.

This is how your military training at RMC will unfold:

Second Class: By the end of Second Class you will have grasped command and leadership skills at section and platoon levels. You will have received further instruction in battle tactics, military history, administration, training, science and technology and communication skills. You will also have the opportunity to apply this knowledge and experience in the field and practice at section command level, expanding to platoon level towards the end of Second Class.

First Class: By now you will be ready to put your knowledge into practice at the section, platoon and company level. Your understanding of strategic issues, management, military history and leadership will also be further developed.

After graduation you will be assigned to one of the Army's specialised branches, known as Corps. Then you can put into professional practice all that you've learned. Initially you will be required to complete several weeks of in-service Corps training and familiarisation. Then you may find yourself taking troops through field exercises, physical training drills, tactical assaults or managing any number of vital Army functions.

During Military (ADFA and RMC) Training and (Initial) Employment Training (Regimental Officers Basic Course etc), you will be required to pay a contribution towards your meals, accommodation and utilities. 


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