Intelligence Corps Officer

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Where would you start if you were going into a war zone or attempting to deal with a subversive group planning a terrorist attack? As an Army Intelligence Corps Officer, you will provide advice to all levels of command to ensure that their situational awareness and operational planning is timely and mission correct. Be a respected member of a highly professional team.

Job Details

Australian Defence Force Academy, Royal Military College Duntroon

An Australian Intelligence Corps (Aust Int Corps), Intelligence Officer (Int Officer) is a General Service Officer (GSO) who has been commissioned to Aust Int Corps on graduation from the Royal Military College Duntroon (RMC-D); or a Commissioned Officer from any corps who has been  assessed suitable for training and transfer to Aust Int Corps. There is no direct entry recruiting into Aust Int Corps for an Int Officer.

The role of Aust Int Corps is to provide the intelligence support required by commanders and staff at all levels. The intelligence operational environment is dynamic and complex, requiring the highest levels of mental agility and flexibility. It requires the ability to operate at the tactical, operational and strategic levels and to integrate with joint, inter-agency, inter-governmental and multi-national agencies. This environment will also demand culturally astute and situationally aware leaders, comfortable in dealing with unpredictable circumstances in an asymmetric battle-space. An Int Officer may also be employed as a manager of intelligence specific disciplines such as Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT).

An Int Officer serves in units and headquarters (HQ) at every level – tactical, operational and strategic, either individually or as part of a small team. In this role they can be employed in a wide variety of workplaces, including functional HQ or non intelligence corps units at all levels including battle groups, company, combat team and squadron sized organisations. Int Officers also serve within Special Forces and Regional Force Surveillance Units, as well as training units, and domestic and overseas representational roles.  Int Officers may also be posted to the national intelligence agencies including Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO), Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) and the Australian Geospatial Intelligence Organisation (AGO). Employment locations include Perth, Darwin, Townsville, Brisbane, Canungra, Sydney, Canberra, and remote regions such as the Pilbara and Cairns, and selected foreign countries.

If you are commissioned into the Australian Intelligence Corps on graduation from RMC-D you will be required to undergo two years regimental training in another Corps.  This period of Regimental Training is designed to further enhance the military and leadership skills you have learnt and provide valuable experience in the wider Army before you undertake your formal training as an Int Officer.