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If working on water and travelling the world interests you then apply for a job as a Marine Specialist. As a Marine Specialist you may work with Special Forces or the Navy while operating and commanding specialised watercraft including amphibious craft.

Job Details

Other Ranks (Non Technical)

Role. The role of the Royal Australian Corps of Transport (RACT) is to control and operate Army owned surface transport, other than unit transport, and to provide movement control, terminal, postal and Army aspects of air logistic support to the Army.

The RACT plays a pivotal role within the distribution network of the Australian Army. The men and women of the RACT plan and deliver the required personnel, stores and equipment, Combat Service Support (CSS) through the distribution process utilising road, rail, sea and air transportation.

The RACT has many tasks to perform including operating the Army fleet of landing craft and amphibious vehicles, all forms of road transport, distribution centres and specialist units that prepare, pack and dispatch supplies dropped from the air. To perform these tasks, the RACT is equipped with a large selection of vehicles including Land Rovers, light trucks, heavy cargo and specialist vehicles (Mack MC3 and Mack Fleet Liner MC2), 60 tonne semi-trailers, amphibious and small landing craft.

The Marine Specialist is a soldier who operates a variety of specialist watercraft, including amphibious craft and performs operator maintenance on Army marine vessels. A Marine Specialist also transports all forms of cargo across the sea, inland water ways and ship to shore operations (LOTS). Postings can include Land Unit and Specialist Forces.

Main Job Functions:

  • Operate Army watercraft and amphibious craft;
  • Perform deck hand duties on board Army Watercraft;
  • Operate weapons fitted to amphibian and landing craft; and
  • Operate communication and electronic navigation equipment.