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With a career in the Army, you’ll enjoy the sort of variety, challenges and travel that you simply can’t get as a civilian nurse.

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Undergraduate, Graduate

The Australian Army employs Registered General Nurses as Nursing Officers in Primary Healthcare units, Army Hospitals and Medical Centres. These officers form the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps.

Nursing Officers are employed across a range of clinical, clinical management and broader health management duties. Nursing Officers can expect to work in units, field hospitals, that provide a comprehensive hospital service or in small Treatment Teams providing primary healthcare and immediate pre-hospital resuscitation. These are austere facilities which will deploy during combat, peace-keeping and humanitarian relief operations. Whatever the type of deployment it will test your professional, mental and physical capabilities.

When not on exercises or operations, Nursing Officers can expect to be employed in Army bases delivering primary healthcare and limited in-patient care or working in major metropolitan hospitals maintaining a high order of clinical skill. Nursing Officers also fill a range of key management, administrative and command positions which will develop your skills and professional horizon beyond the purely clinical.

In addition to generalists, the Nursing Corps has a requirement for officers from most specializations especially nurses with post graduate Emergency, Perioperative and Intensive Care nursing qualifications. If you do not have a formal post graduate qualification, the Army offers a comprehensive range of paid post graduate training opportunities in these and other specialist areas.

A career as an Army Nursing Officer offers variety and challenges in employment and travel not always available in the normal hospital environment. You will gain experience and skills that will equip you for advancement in the Army, and will also be in high demand in your profession.