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Officers & Management

Being an officer is about being a leader. It’s about thinking quickly, making decisions, and motivating people. As an officer, you’ll lead Australian soldiers in a career where you can make a real difference. You’ll develop your leadership, management and personal skills, and earn qualifications that are recognised Australia wide.


Officers are the leaders of the Army, relied upon for their decision making skills. Before you begin a career as an officer, you'll learn the skills to command at the Royal Military College, Duntroon.

Aviation Corps Officer (GSO Pilot)

Looking for an exciting aviation career? Then look no further than Aviation Corps Officer in the Australian Army. You’ll fly helicopters to transport soldiers or you may be part of a vital search and rescue, medical evacuation or disaster relief team.

Aviation Corps Officer (SSO Pilot)

Like to fly one of the Army’s impressive fleet of helicopters? Then become an Aviation Corps Officer and you’ll fly helicopters within Australia and possibly overseas on a range of exciting and challenging taskings.


An exciting opportunity to be responsible for the spiritual ministry and pastoral support to soldiers and their families in a range of challenging environments.


You’ll be just like a civilian dentist, except you’ll also look after your own Army staff, and work in barracks, field, or operational environments.

Education Officer

Royal Australian Army Educational Corps Officers perform a diverse range of jobs including training developers; instructional design of computer based learning materials; and as teachers of literacy and numeracy, and English as a second language.

Environmental Health Officer

An exciting opportunity to be responsible for the planning, co-ordination, and development of workplace health strategies for this large Australian organisation.

General Service Officer

As a General Service Officer in the Army your training will prepare you to lead troops in either full or part-time roles.

Medical Officer

As an Army doctor a broad range of professional opportunities are open to you including General Practitioner, Procedural Specialist or Senior Health Services Manager. You may be deployed in support of combat, peacekeeping or humanitarian relief operations worldwide.

Nursing Officer

With a career in the Army, you’ll enjoy the sort of variety, challenges and travel that you simply can’t get as a civilian nurse.

Pharmaceutical Officer

As an Army Pharmacist, you’ll handle a wide range of pharmaceutical tasks. In the field, you’ll look after medical logistics and may deploy with your units into remote areas.


Forget the regular hospitals, this position will have you working with state of the art equipment in varied locations throughout Australia.

Aerospace Engineer - Aeronautical

Work at the forefront of the very latest aviation technology designing, constructing and maintaining the Army's helicopters alongside some of the most talented engineers in the Defence Force. Well, what are you waiting for?

Aerospace Engineer - Avionics

As an Avionics Engineer in the Army, you’ll be responsible for the instruments that make crucial missions possible. You’ll work alongside talented people in the Defence Force, with the newest helicopters in the country. So, what’s stopping you?

Aerospace Engineer - Software

You’ll work on some of the newest helicopters in the country and be responsible for the design, construction and testing of large software systems to enhance Army's Aviation capabilities alongside a talented and supportive team. It doesn’t get much better.

Armoured Corps Officer

As an Armoured Corps Officer you will command and lead soldiers who operate some of the most high-tech mobile weapon systems in the world. If you want to be respected by your peers and team and fill one of the most highly sought after combat leader positions available in Army, then this is for you.

Artillery Officer

If you have decisive leadership capabilities, commanding the Army's Artillery delivery and surveillance platforms will challenge you physically and mentally and provide you a rewarding career as an integral part of the Combined Arms Combat team.

Catering Officer

If a career in Hospitality sounds like you, then why not get paid while you are being trained as not only a specialist in hospitality but also as an Officer in the Australian Army. Members of the Australian Army Catering Corps are trained to provide specialist catering support to Army in every theatre of operations, from formal dinners to catering for 500 elite troops while on operations.

Civil Engineer

Command and manage a troop of tradesmen and field engineer soldiers. You’ll be involved in training, administration and logistics, engineering design and facilities management.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineer Officer

A challenging opportunity to be part of a technical team responsible for the maintenance of the Army's modern hardware and equipment.To be considered for this role you will need to apply as a General Service Officer.

Electrical/Mechatronic Engineer

Take on the role of platoon commander within a major maintenance unit, where you’ll be responsible for the technical and administrative needs of your tradespeople.

Engineer Corps Officer

As an Engineer Corps Officer manage an elite team constructing and maintaining roads and airfields, demolishing bridges and providing services such as water, power generation, fire-fighting and sewerage.

Finance Officer

As a Finance Officer you are responsible for the provision of advice to commanders in the area of financial management of Public Moneys. Your team will be responsible for the preparation of budgets, financial statements, cash flow analysis, accrual accounting, costings and financial analysis.

Infantry Officer

Infantry Officers command elite soldiers in challenging, diverse and sometimes very remote environments. Your team will depend on you, as you will on them, and your role will be essential to the operations of the Army. This is a highly sought after role and best suited to those that have high standards of mental and physical toughness.

Intelligence Corps Officer

Where would you start if you were going into a war zone or attempting to deal with a subversive group planning a terrorist attack? As an Army Intelligence Corps Officer, you will provide advice to all levels of command to ensure that their situational awareness and operational planning is timely and mission correct. Be a respected member of a highly professional team.

Legal Officer

A unique opportunity for barristers and solicitors to broaden their experience in the areas of civil, administrative, international and operations law.

Mechanical Engineer

Maintain the Army’s modern hardware and equipment. You’ll get your hands on everything from tanks and artillery to missile systems, water craft, aircraft and helicopters.

Medical Corps Officer

Get paid while training to become an officer in the Australian Army. To apply for this role you will need to apply as a General Service Officer, and while due consideration is given, you aren't guaranteed of being allocated to the Corps of your choice.

Military Police Officer

A challenging career as a Military Police Officer will ensure that you experience policing activities beyond the operational ability of any civilian law enforcement agency.

Ordnance Corps Officer

If managing a mission oriented team in a dynamic and challenging environment appeals to you, then a career as an Ordnance Corps Officer is for you. You will become a specialist in supply chain management, warehousing and logistics contingency management in one of the largest logistical organisations in Australia. This is a dynamic Corps for a person seeking a professional challenge and great qualifications.


Work in pre and post operative care, rehabilitation and sports medicine, in hospital or field environments.


Employment as a psychologist in the Army is varied and, as such, psychologists come from a broad array of backgrounds and develop an adaptable and eclectic skills base.

Public Relations Officer

As an Army Public Relations Officer you are the communications conduit between the Army and civilian media networks. You are critical to the public perception and image of Army and will be required to develop, implement and monitor operational and tactical communication strategies and provide timely advice to all levels of command within Army. This is a highly demanding and rewarding Army appointment.

Scientific Officer (Pathology Scientist or Research Scientist)

Scientific Officers are an integral component of the Australian Army, operating in deployed and non-deployed pathology environments.

Signals Corps Officer

With your unique understanding of communications, information systems and electronic warfare you’ll ensure the delivery of a complete information service during times of peace, conflict and crisis. To apply for this role you will need to apply as a General Service Officer, and while due consideration is given, you aren't guaranteed of being allocated to the Corps of your choice.

Transport Corps Officer

Employment as an Officer in the Royal Australian Corps of Transport offers you a diverse and dynamic career path with opportunities to specialise in all forms of Army transport and logistical operations. This includes amphibious operations, bulk road transport or aerial dispatch and delivery operations. Get paid to be trained in these highly sought after and competitive skill sets.