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Officers & Management
Ways To Join

There are two ways to be trained as an officer. Complete the General Service Officer (GSO) Course at the Royal Military College, Duntroon and you'll become a qualified officer in 18 months (12 months if you've graduated from ADFA). Or if you’re already a qualified professional in fields such as engineering, you can complete Specialist Service Officer (SSO) training at RMC, which involves only two 16-day modules of study.

Officers start their training at the Royal Military College (RMC) in Duntroon, ACT, one of the world's outstanding military training institutions. Every course at this renowned establishment is designed to bring out your best qualities and equip you with the confidence and skills required to become a world-class officer in today's Army.

Use your degree or qualifications to become a leader in the Australian Army.

How to become an officer

There are several ways to become an Army Officer, including:

General Service Officer

Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA)

ADFA is where our future leaders are educated. Not only will you undertake world-class military training to become an officer, you’ll also earn a recognised degree from University of New South Wales. And just like other universities, ADFA has plenty of sporting teams, social clubs, and a range of social functions to make your studies memorable.

Royal Military College

With the General Service Officer Course, you don’t need to go to university or have any previous experience. Held at the Royal Military College (RMC), this course teaches you everything you need to become a leader, from warfare strategies to survival skills. It’s your fast track route to becoming an Army Officer.

Specialist Service Officer


If you’ve got a university degree, such as medicine, engineering, teaching or dentistry, it’s easy to hit the ground running as an Army Officer. After your initial training, you’ll earn your rank right from the start, working with cutting-edge equipment, leading and making decisions, while using your existing skills to make a difference.

Defence University Sponsorship

If you’re studying a university degree like medicine, engineering or nursing in Australia, we will pay you up to $41,602 per year while you finish studying. We’ll also pay for things like textbooks, tuition and student union fees and you’ll be guaranteed an Army Officer job when you finish your Defence University Program.

Army Reserve Officers

If you want to become an officer without the full-time commitment, the Army Reserve is for you. You’ll receive similar training and experiences as our full-time officers—without having to sacrifice the civilian life you love. What’s more, Reserve Officers are well paid for their efforts and it’s all tax-free.