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One Year of Adventure

Experience what it's like to work in the Army over 12 exciting months. No long-term commitments and no strings attached. Just one year of adventure with the Australian Army.

One Year Roles

One year in your life you’ll never forget. With the Army’s one-year roles, you could find yourself doing something extraordinary for 12 months, like helping to organise military hardware or driving a transport vehicle in places you never dreamt of. Explore the range of diverse and exciting roles available—all with just one year of commitment.

Stay or go. It's your choice. The best part of our one-year roles is that there’s no further commitment required after 12 months. You can choose to return to a civilian career or continue your Army career, with a guaranteed job and great ongoing benefits. Either way, you’ll learn valuable skills, meet new friends and may even receive recognised qualifications to help progress your career.

A once in a lifetime experience. Imagine being paid to learn how to become a soldier and be trained in your chosen role. After completing initial basic training, including physical training, weapons handling, first aid and field craft, you’ll be immersed in the Army lifestyle while continuing to learn on the job. That means lots of sports and fitness, travel opportunities and benefits you just won’t find anywhere else.