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Officer Training

An Army Officer is trained to lead on the world stage. They are relied upon for their guidance and decision making in some of the most complex and exciting working environments. At the Royal Military College (RMC) you'll learn the skills to inspire, motivate and command a team of Australian troops at home and abroad.

RMC Courses

Located in Canberra, RMC has been producing the leaders of the Australian Army for over 100 years. Your training will focus on bringing out your best, and the leadership courses offered are second to none. Training in everything from infantry tactics and strategy, to military technology and communication, will ensure you're ready to lead.

General Service Officer Course

This course will prepare you with the experience and confidence to command a team of soldiers. No matter what stage in life you're currently at, after the 18-month intensive course (12 months for ADFA graduates) you'll be a Lieutenant in the Army, in charge of your own platoon of soldiers.

Specialist Service Officer Course

Qualified professionals, such as Engineers, Doctors, or Nurses, are eligible to become officers after 42 days of training. Because you'll be an Army Officer serving in a specialist capacity, you'll be required to learn military command and leadership skills during two modules of study - Foundation Skills (26 days) and Officer Skills (16 days).

Army Reserve Officer Training

Both the GSO and SSO courses are available on a part-time basis if you want to become an Army Reserve Officer. This course is designed to fit around your existing work and life commitments. You'll study the same topics as regular officers, however, you'll be given more flexible study options. The Army Reserve GSO course involves five modules totaling 111 days of residential training, but you'll be given up to three years to complete the course.

“Officer training is about getting yourself ready to lead troops. It's challenging and I've loved every minute of it.” Simon Petie Captain

RMC Lifestyle

Life at RMC Duntroon is incredibly active and rewarding. You'll get your own comfortable room with bathroom and access to the best sporting facilities. There are also lots of opportunities to be involved in military and social activities, and you will make friends you'll keep for life.


At RMC you'll be required to have a reasonable level of fitness. If you're a fairly active person who spends time exercising every week, you should have no trouble meeting the fitness requirements. But to make sure, start preparing for your Pre-entry Fitness Assessment (PFA).

Fitness and sport plays a huge role in Army life and you'll spend plenty of time working on your fitness. Army instructors will guide you through activities such as obstacle courses, circuit training, strength and endurance training to build your confidence and fitness levels. You'll also be given the opportunity to get involved in adventure training activities, such as rock climbing and abseiling.