An exciting, well-paid and rewarding job is just the beginning. In the Army you'll enjoy many other benefits too.

Much more than just job satisfaction and good pay

Free medical and dental care

The good health of our people is a high priority in the Army, so we offer free healthcare services to all full-time serving members. This care is provided by highly trained doctors, dentists and nurses working in modern, well-equipped facilities.

Free fitness facilities

On base you'll find gyms, courts and pools, along with teams you can join covering every code from netball to rugby. Many other activities are available through Army clubs too, such as rock climbing, golf, water skiing, scuba diving and sailing.

Rewarding work, generous benefits and a great lifestyle

Comprehensive leave entitlements

It's important that you are given time to relax away from the Army, and fulfil personal commitments. You may also need to be compensated for extended military duties. That's why the Army provides access to many different types of leave.