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The Australian Defence Force believes its members should reflect the diverse society that Australia is today. The Navy, Army and Air Force embrace Australians from all cultural backgrounds, and the significance of people's culture and beliefs is recognised and respected, subject to operational and occupational health and safety requirements.

The Navy, Army and Air Force offer a range of challenging and worthwhile careers, with promotional opportunities and job security. You'll also receive the very best training to earn qualifications that in many cases are recognised Australia wide. And most importantly, you'll feel the enormous pride associated with serving your nation.

Joining the ADF

You can apply to join the Australian Defence Force online or by calling 13 19 01. Successful applicants to the Australian Defence Force must be able to speak, read and write English proficiently. All communications with the ADF are conducted in English, including the 13 19 01 call centre and the entire defencejobs website. Learn More

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Marine Engineer Officer

Mona joined the Australian Defence Force 20 years ago and has seen it transform to become the truly multicultural organisation it is today. Learn More

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Marine Engineer Officer

Shanker discusses how the Navy helps you to increase your qualifications by paying for professional courses, or giving you time off to study at a civilian institution. Learn More

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Nali Ung

Aviation Technician Aircraft

Nali works as an Aircraft Technician in the Royal Australian Navy and works on engine's airframes. She discusses the benefits and lifestyle of working in the Navy. Learn More

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Electronics Engineer Officer

Working as an Electronics Engineer Officer Maneckji is exposed to next generation technology and enjoys frequent travel opportunities. Learn More

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Army Officer Cadet

Jahan discusses why he thinks ADFA is the perfect place to study and how his fellow students have become as close as his friends at home. Learn More

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For Kristian the highlight of his time at ADFA has been marching in the ADFA band during the ANZAC Day Parade, attended by the Prime Minister and Governor General. Learn More

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Electronics Technician

Saif came to Australia from Iraq as a refugee in 2002 and is thankful to the Navy for giving him a better perspective, motivation and discipline. Learn More

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Avionics Technician

Abed gets to supervise and coordinate up to 20 people at a time, working on eight different aircraft. Learn More

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Air Force Officer Cadet

Shubhdeep says the Australian Defence Force has been very supportive in giving him time away from duties to observe his religious and cultural practices. Learn More

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Electronics Technician

Alex chose to pursue a career in the Navy because of the superior training program and the fact that you earn a great wage while you're learning onboard a warship. Learn More

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Electronics Engineer

Hardik thinks that joining the Air Force was the best decision he has ever made. In particular he loves the fact that each day he gets to do something different. Learn More

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Educational Corps Officer

As a teacher Sudhir enjoys the fact that he gets to work with adults who are enthusiastic about learning. Learn More