Armed with a degree you'll hit the ground running in your Navy, Army or Air Force career; and will go on to receive opportunities for further study, specialisation and leadership development.

What you'll love

Thanks to your specific qualifications and experience you'll be fast-tracked into employment in the Navy, Army or Air Force. You can expect an immediate leadership role, great camaraderie, amazing experiences such as supporting humanitarian missions, and all these other benefits:

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Our investment in your future

You never stop learning in the ADF, and the vocational and management skills you'll acquire will benefit your future employment prospects both in and out of the Services. You may also be given the opportunity to complete further study, and have the costs covered by the ADF.

Throughout your ADF career you will be given opportunities to expand your knowledge, gain additional qualifications, and specialise or diversify. The options available include:

  • Promotion courses
    preparing you for higher rank
  • Postgraduate university studies
    with HELP fees paid
  • Assisted study schemes
    supporting external education
    (Defence Assisted Study Scheme)
  • Fully-funded study
    interstate and overseas
  • Command, management and leadership training
    (Australian Command and Staff Course)
  • Advanced leadership and strategic decision-making training
    (Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies)
  • External training in key fields
    such as professional, scientific, technical and selected trades
    (Civil Schooling Scheme)
  • Graduate medical course sponsorship
    for those with appropriate degree qualifications wishing to embark
    on a medical career (Graduate Medical Program)

Officer training will equip you with advanced leadership and management skills, as well as military knowledge. This world-class training will prepare you for diverse and challenging roles both within your chosen Service, and beyond at the end of your military career.


Royal Military College


Duntroon, ACT


One block of 26 days and one block of 16 days


Officers' Training School


RAAF Base East Sale, Gippsland, VIC


17 weeks