Australian Defence Force Cadets

The Australian Navy Cadets (ANC), Australian Army Cadets (AAC) and Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) are community based youth development organisations. You are eligible to serve as a cadet from the age of 12 ½ years (Navy) and 13 years (Army and Air Force) up until your 20th birthday. As a cadet you learn leadership, team building and survival skills, at the same time experiencing what life is like in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

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What to expect

As a cadet you will be offered challenging and inspiring experiences whilst learning valuable life and work skills. You will make new friends, be part of a team, learn to take responsibility, and gain leadership skills. You get to visit military bases, tour ships, planes, tanks and other military equipment. You’ll be issued with a service uniform and taught drill, military communications, first aid, navigation and safe weapons handling and most of all have a lot of fun.


Selected cadets get to participate in the Overseas Exchange Program. Small groups of cadets will experience the culture and training of another country for up to two weeks. Recent programs have taken cadets to India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Canada, United States and Vietnam.

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Australian Navy Cadets

You'll get to go sailing, hiking, canoeing and camping. Plus you'll learn everything about seamanship; from navigational training to naval signals and communication and even undertake a yearly sea trek. You'll study first aid and fire fighting as well as undertake parade training. It's challenging, but the rewards are fantastic.
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Australian Army Cadets

As an Army Cadet, there are constant opportunities to discover new challenges and have some unbelievable fun. You'll find out about bush survival, first aid, fieldcraft, orienteering and map reading and visit Army camps and military bases. You’ll get to lead other cadets in exercises and also learn how to work as part of a team. You'll make some great new friends and the skills you learn will stay with you for life. Visit Website

Australian Air Force Cadets

The Australian Air Force Cadets is an excellent organisation to join if adventure, training, personal development and aviation appeals to you. You'll learn about the Air Force, aviation, fieldcraft, and leadership and you'll get to undertake a range of activities like navigation, survival training in the bush and abseiling. Most exciting of all, you'll have the chance to fly in a civilian or military aircraft, and may even get the opportunity to learn how to fly.
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