ADF Gap Year

Sorry, applications have now closed for the 2015 ADF Gap Year intake. Program information for the 2016 intake will be posted here later this year.

Gap Year gives young Australians the chance to experience an exciting and rewarding role with the Australian Defence Force between high school and higher education. Those chosen for the program learn practical and leadership skills, enjoy a healthy and varied lifestyle, and make friends for life - while getting paid.

It's a unique opportunity to get a feel for a career in the Services. But there are plenty of other short-term roles worth considering too.

What's a good alternative to Gap Year?

A year in the Army

The Army offers a variety of jobs with just a one year commitment, no matter what role you choose you will be taught all the skills required for the role.

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A year or two in the Air Force

Enjoy the rewards of life in the Air Force for either 12 or 24 months. The roles on offer range from those requiring no qualifications at all to others that require the applicant to be a graduate.

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The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) combines military and leadership training with a world class degree from the University of New South Wales.

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Navy Trades

The Navy has a trade available for everyone with a diverse range of technical roles. You will be provided with all your trade training all while working on amazing machinery.

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Join the Army Reserves

The Army Reserve is made up of everyday Aussies who are ready to step up to any challenge - if and when the country needs. Reservists help local communities around Australia and abroad, and play an important part in providing the additional officers and soldiers the Australian Army needs.

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Join the Air Force Reserves

Flexible, rewarding, unique. Words that best describe the Air Force Reserve. It's a part-time job that will enhance your career, provide you with flexible hours and offer you unique experiences.

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