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Get sponsored to study and gain a rewarding career.


The Defence University Sponsorship is the perfect way to make university life more manageable and provides you with the opportunity to make a difference with your degree. The sponsorship is available to undergraduate or graduate students studying an accredited degree at any recognised university in Australia and provides the following benefits:

  • a salary while studying
  • HELP and student fees paid
  • 18% superannuation contribution
  • a textbook allowance
  • subsidised accommodation
  • free health care (medical and dental)
  • a rewarding career as an officer in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

While you're at university, you will enjoy a lifestyle similar to any other student. There are no significant military commitments during the university year, so you can focus on your studies and enjoy your free time like any other university student.


If you're an undergraduate, you must have completed one year of a three or four year degree or two years of a five or six year degree before being eligible for the sponsorship. If you're a graduate, you must have completed a relevant undergraduate degree before being eligible to be sponsored for the graduate medical or dental program. To see a full list of the degrees which are sponsored though the Defence University Sponsorship check out the brochure.
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The Benefits

Available to undergraduate or graduate students studying at any recognised Australian university, the Defence University Sponsorship provides a range of benefits such as a salary while studying, remaining HELP and student fees paid, and other great benefits.
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Video Feature

Three students share their thoughts about the sponsorship and their future career in the Navy, Army and Air Force.
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The Australian Defence Force has a range of exciting and challenging jobs. You can expect a rewarding career that sees you making a difference in various situations and environments.
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