How to use this Website

The three Services

We've split most of the content on the site into each Service (Navy, Army and Air Force) so it's easy to find information that matches your specific area of interest. No matter which Service you choose you'll be joining a workplace full of fun and adventure, with great pay and benefits and friendships for life.


Job categories

We've divided all of the ADF jobs into 9 distinct categories across each Service (Navy, Army and Air Force). Simply choose a category that interests you, to see what jobs are available in that field.

Full job lists

If you would like to view the full range of jobs available in your preferred Service, simply select 'Jobs' to display a complete listing of all careers in the various job categories.


The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has a number of educational career paths including the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), Defence University Sponsorship, and graduate opportunities. Learn More


You can use a general search (from the homepage) to enter a job name and find information relating to it. If you use this general search however, other results unrelated to jobs will also be included in the results. Try the Job Search function on the Service and jobs pages to yield job only results

Priority jobs

A priority job is a job that Defence Force Recruiting has identified as an urgent or large intake requirement. It will not necessarily result in a different treatment throughout the recruiting process.