Pay Details

For a young person leaving school, there aren't many jobs that pay as well as the Navy. Equally, if you're a professional looking for a change of pace, wages in the Navy are very competitive compared with similar jobs in the civilian world. The great thing is that you also have the opportunity to considerably improve your salary package, with the range of impressive benefits on offer.

Pay rise

Your salary will continue to increase based on competency level, rank and years of service. Or alternatively, gaining additional skills and undertaking further study may place you in a higher pay group. This means that you would move to another pay scale where, due to your skills and training, you would receive a higher pay rate regardless of your rank and years of service. Your local Defence Force Recruiting Centre can show you the pay rates and how this works.

Break it down

There are three types of pay brackets for you to look at. The first is training, the next is for officers and the final one is for sailors.


How much you earn as a trainee depends on what stage you are at and which scheme you are studying under.


$35,151 per year

Trainee *

$40,173 - $45,194 per year


$30,003 (4 years study) - $46,368 (final year)

Graduate (Medical)

$58,096 (1st year) - $64,517 (4th year)

*undergoing initial/trade or employment training. Wages paid are available on each job information page.
For more details on the current salary paid to Australian Defence Personnel, please refer to the ADF Pay Rates document.


Your total pay amount will be made up of a base salary plus several allowances that the Navy offers its members. Just like in the civilian world, your pay will increase as you gain more experience and move up the ranks. The longer you serve, the greater your earning potential.

EXAMPLE - Kylie (aged 24) is a newly promoted Lieutenant.
Kylie (age 24) is a Lieutenant


Your total pay amount will be made up of a base salary plus several allowances that the Navy offers its members. The longer you serve, the greater your earning potential as your pay will increase as you move up the ranks and take part in further personal and professional training.

EXAMPLE - Laura (age 24) is a sailor and has been in the Navy for 3 years.
Laura (age 24) has been a sailor in the navy for 2 years

Extra Allowances

We make allowances

A Service Allowance is paid in recognition of the unique requirements of Service life in the ADF. You will receive $13,184 per year for this. We don't expect you to maintain your uniforms all at your own expense. To help you we will give you a Uniform Allowance of $419 - $682 per year.

Maritime Allowance

If posted to a ship you receive a Maritime Disability Allowance starting from $11,501 per year which rises every 3-5 years until it eventually reaches $17,253 per year after eleven years of sea service. Additionally Maritime Sustainability Allowance is payable after accumulating 3 years of sea service starting from $10,456 and rising to $18,821 after eleven years. On board there will also be roles that attract more money in recognition of undertaking increased responsibilities.

Deployments and Peace Keeping

Deployments overseas, participation in peacekeeping missions and contributions to efforts to protect Australia's offshore maritime areas could all earn you extra bonuses on top of your salary.

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