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Night Vision Goggles

Rebreather arrow

This re-breather is a type of diving set used by Clearance Divers that provides a gas of 100% Oxygen. The unit recycles the diver’s exhaled breath into a filter canister where the carbon-dioxide is absorbed and then passed back to the breathing loop. The set is topped up either mechanically or manually by the diver during the dive.

The recycling of the gas reduces the volume of breathing gas required as well as significantly reducing the noise associated when breathing open circuit (i.e. the blowing out of bubbles underwater). This makes a re-breather lighter and more compact than traditional SCUBA equipment. An added benefit for Clearance Divers is the stealth a re-breathing system provides as it does not release exhaled gas ensuring that a submerged diver’s location remains hidden from potential hostile forces.

M4 Carbine arrow

Clearance Divers carry the M4A1 rifle. While it has a similar capability to the standard F88 Austeyr, its simple gas-powered action tends not to jam in water and the modular design is more suited to CD operations. The M4 comes with an extensive range of attachments.

Marine Tactical Operations

This element conducts Advance Force Operations. They are responsible for a variety of tasks ahead of a potential landing force and, as the name suggests, tasks are conducted in a clandestine manner, most often in enemy territory without support.

Civilian jobs can get a bit monotonous. Here I can be scuba diving one day, the nest on a mine find, and the day after, underwater welding.
Marine Tactical Operations

Well equipped

The equipment used in maritime tactical operations is among the best in the world, employing futuristic technology and innovation. The standard equipment range includes waterproof night vision goggles, M4 Carbine Assault Rifle with PEQ-2 laser pointer, Oxygen and Mixed Gas Diving re-breathers.

Browning Hi-Power 9mm Pistol

arrow Browning Hi-Power 9mm Pistol

The standard side-arm of the Australian Defence Force. It is a reliable, compact automatic weapon with a 13 round magazine.

arrow Night Vision Goggles

Clearance divers use waterproof night vision goggles to safely operate at night in a clandestine manner. These devices are attached to a head mount and can be pulled down over one eye or easily folded away.

Night-vision goggles work by receiving tiny amounts of visible and infra-red light (available at night) and amplifying them. Using a special device called an image-intensifying-tube, the goggles convert the captured light into an electric current. An extremely high voltage charge (and a special layer called a micro-channel plate) then multiplies the electrically carried image by a factor of thousands, before converting it back to light again to be viewed by the operator. It is this process that gives night-vision its distinctive green look. Standard lenses are then used to zoom in and focus on the final image.

Combat Rebreather

Elcan Wildcat scope

3.5x zoom sight.

M4 Carbine Rifle

Surefire weaponlight

Mounted under the barrel of the weapon, this high-powered torch can be remotely triggered from the weapon's front grip.

PEQ-2 Laser pointer

An infra-red laser device mounted to the barrel and used for illumination and aiming. Its light is not visible to the human eye, but can be seen clearly with night-vision goggles. The laser can also be activated with a remote pressure switch (sometimes located on the front grip of the weapon). This allows the operator to use the aiming device for short periods of time when firing the weapon, therefore keeping his position hidden from others wearing night-vision goggles.