The Path To Become A Leader

Meet the officers of the New Entry Officer Course (NEOC) 38th Division. Hear about their exciting lives in the Navy, then step back to when they were trainees. Follow them from day one of training to graduation over six episodes.

See their journey

New Entry Officer Course

NEOC takes place at the Royal Australian Naval College (RANC), situated at HMAS Creswell in beautiful Jervis Bay. Trainees spend six months completing practical and theoretical exercises, making strong bonds with mates they'll keep for life. Follow a division of trainees as they learn Navy ceremony, weapons proficiency, leadership and seamanship skills.

"NEOC wasn't just great fun, it also taught me skills I still use every day as a navy officer. If you want an amazing career, go for it." -- Former NEOC 38th Division Trainee, Officer Trav Kemsley

Step up and lead

In six months you could be leading your team on adventures across the globe. Or inspiring them on humanitarian missions that really make a difference. NEOC will equip you with all the leadership skills you need to become a Navy Officer. If you're seeking a challenge, an adventure and a fast track to the top, NEOC is for you.

Great Pay & Benefits

At NEOC and during your Category and Specialisation Training you'll be paid to train. Once your training is complete you'll earn an impressive wage with great benefits, including full medical cover, seagoing allowance and rental assistance. And there are endless opportunities to increase your salary package as you gain more experience and progress through the ranks.

Applying for NEOC

If you've passed Year 12 and want to fast track your career, then become an officer today. Find out more

  • Episode 1 - Welcome to RANC

    Meet the trainees and explore the Naval College.

  • Episode 2 - Training

    Discover what it takes to become a Navy Officer.

  • Episode 3 - A Typical Day

    Learn about all the basics of NEOC life: food, study, time off, accommodation and everything in-between.

  • Episode 4 - Seamanship

    Watch as the trainees learn to survive at sea, fight fires and drive a rigid hull inflatable boat.

  • Episode 5 - Sunda Strait

    The trainees face their biggest challenge yet in a 25 hour test of teamwork.

  • Episode 6 - NEOC Graduation

    Join the trainees for their first major sea assignment, then watch as they prepare for graduation.