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Physical Fitness Assesssment

You will need to pass the Fitness Test or Pre-Entry Fitness Assessment (PFA) before you can proceed to your Enlistment or Appointment Day. DFR will notify you of the exact date of your test, which will take place in the four weeks leading up to enlistment/appointment.

This is the least challenging fitness test you are ever likely to experience in the Australian Defence Force. We set this test as our minimum standard for entry, which is why if you are unable to pass, you won't be able to enlist/appoint.

Why fitness is so important in the ADF

There's a reason why so much emphasis is placed on fitness, and that's because the ADF wants you to be physically prepared.

To begin with, you need a base level in fitness in place to cope with the considerable physical demands of initial military training and to guard against injury. Beyond that, extremely high standards of physical fitness will be necessary for you to effectively carry out the operational tasks that will be a part of your job. And you will be expected to maintain a certain level of fitness for your entire Defence career, so that you are able to carry out the roles and responsibilities expected of a member of the Australian Defence Force.


Minimal requirements

15 push-ups for males and 6 push-ups for females. 20 sit-ups and Beep Test to Level 6.1.

Air Force
10 push-ups for males and 4 push-ups for females. 20 sit-ups and Beep Test to Level 6.5.

15 push-ups for males and 8 push-ups for females. 45 sit-ups and Beep Test to Level 7.5.


Navy Clearance Diver and Naval Reserve Diver
6 heaves (chin-ups), 30 push-ups, 25 sit-ups and Beep Test to Level 10.1.

Air Force Ground Defence Officer and Airfield Defence Guard
15 push-ups, 45 sit-ups and Beep Test to Level 7.5.

Army Special Forces Direct Recruiting Scheme
30 push-ups, 60 sit-ups and Beep Test to Level 10.1.

The Shuttle Run / Beep Test

Each level of the Shuttle Run / Beep Test is composed of a number of 20 metre sprints or shuttles.

As the test progresses, the time allowed for each shuttle reduces, so you have to increase your running speed to complete the shuttle in the time allowed. The test begins at a speed just above a quick walking pace and increases to a full running speed by the time level 7.5 is reached. The test to level 7.5 involves 56 shuttles (1120 metres), and takes approximately 6 minutes and 30 seconds to complete.

How to prepare

Completing the staggered sprints required in the Beep Test is different to going for a standard run or jog. So whilst we would certainly encourage you to run 2-3 times a week and participate in sporting activities for your general fitness, we would also recommend downloading the Beep test and practicing that before the day of your PFA.

If you belong to a gym talk to one of the trainers there and ask them to develop a program to help you with the PFA.

You also have the option of attending a practice PFA and this provides a great indication of how prepared you are, or how much more work you need to do, before the day of your own fitness test.

Correct technique

For the push-up and sit-up component of the test, you will need to perform each individual repetition correctly in order for it to count.

Push-ups in particular are actually more difficult to perform when you are doing them correctly, which is why we recommend you practice using the technique shown in the Fitness section on this website.