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Methods of Entry

Can I transfer between Reserves and Permanent, or vice versa?

The opportunity to request for transfer between Reserves and Permanent forces does exist. However, approval will be subject to Service requirements. Serving personnel can contact the relevant Defence career management agency to obtain further advice on transfer procedures.

Can I undertake work experience with the Navy/Army/Air Force?

Yes, depending on your location and available units. The Defence Work Experience Program supports the placement for secondary school and tertiary level students with the support of their educational institution. Students must be a minimum of 15 years at time of placement and meet the relevant Defence selection criteria for placement. The experience provides an opportunity for students with an interest in Defence who are seeking to experience life in Defence. Participants will be able to observe a wide range of Defence related activities and careers with placements including Army, Navy, Air Force and the Australian Public Service (APS). Defence Force Recruiting does not organise the work experience program. For further information, check out the Defence Work Experience Program website.

How can I become an officer?

There are four different avenues to become an Officer in the ADF.

  • ADFA
  • Direct Entry
  • Graduate
  • Undergraduate

How do I join the SAS/Commandos?

Applicants for Special Forces can now contact 13 19 01 for all enlistment procedures.

If I take this job can I change over to another job/service at a later stage?

Although the opportunity to request a transfer between jobs and/or Service does exist it is quite limited. The option is only available subject to Service requirements. It depends on the staffing levels in the job that you are currently in and the staffing levels in the job to which you wish to transfer. Therefore, you should not accept an offer of employment in a job that you do not consider that you are suited to, on the assumption that you will be allowed to transfer to another job or Service later. There is no guarantee that a transfer will be approved.

Is the application process the same for officer entry and general entry?

The application process is very similar for both avenues of entries; however, candidates applying for Officer Entry will be required to undergo an Officer Selection Board should they be recommended by the Defence Interviewer.

What are the different rank levels in the Navy, Army and Air Force?

You can find all the ADF rank levels on the following pages:
Navy: Traditions and Values
Army: Traditions and Values
Air Force: Traditions and Values

What are the different ways you can get into the Australian Defence Force?

There are various avenues of entry for Officer and General Entry positions in the ADF. These include direct entry with or without qualifications; gaining a university degree through the Australian Defence Force Academy; receiving sponsorship to complete university through the Undergraduate Sponsorship Scheme; or applying for Part-Time (or Reserve) positions. You can also transfer from Part-Time to Full-Time (and vice versa) or re-enlist if you have previously served in the ADF.

What if I am already in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and I want to apply for another ADF job through Defence Force Recruiting (DFR)?

Active serving members of the Navy, Army or Air Force should enquire through their respective chain of command and advise them of their intentions to apply for a different job. The unit will then take the appropriate administrative action to assist with the transfer.

What is the difference between Officer Entry and General Entry?

Officer positions are more management focused, requiring team leadership and decision-making. General Entry positions are just as challenging, but differ in that they tend to be more trade related and team orientated. All officer positions require a minimum of Year 12 and some positions require tertiary qualifications. Students can complete tertiary qualifications at ADFA or even be sponsored at another university.

What is the difference between technical and non-technical General Entry positions?

Technical General Entry positions will be taught a specialised trade or technical qualification, just like they would at a TAFE or college (for example, Vehicle Mechanics, Electricians, Carpenters etc.). To apply for all Technical jobs, students must have completed Year 10 (or equivalent) with passes in English, Mathematics and Science (with a Physics content) and one other subject.

Non-Technical jobs cover a wide range of careers from healthcare to combat. All training is provided by the ADF and students normally receive civilian accreditation after a qualifying period (for example Cooks, Dental Assistants, Drivers and Storemen etc.). To apply for all Non-Technical jobs (excluding Psychological Examiner), students must have completed Year 10 (or equivalent) with passes in English and Mathematics.

What positions are available as a general entrant?

There are two categories for General Entry. These are:

  • Technical Trades / Trade Apprenticeships
  • Non Technical Trades