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Officer Applications

Applications from Officers for consideration for appointment during 2015/2016 through the Overseas Lateral Transfer Scheme (OLTS) 2015/2016 close 31 May 15.

Application processing for 2014/2015 consideration have closed.

New application processing will commence from 19 January 2015, applications submitted prior to this date may not receive a response within 28 days of the application being submitted.

Soldier Applications

Applications from Soldiers for consideration for enlistment during 2015/2016 through the Overseas Lateral Transfer Scheme (OLTS) 2015/2016 close 31 May 15.

Overseas Lateral Transfer Scheme

The purpose of the Australian Army's Overseas Lateral Transfer Scheme is to address capability shortfalls within the Army that cannot be solved using Australian personnel.

The Lateral Transfer Scheme is underpinned by a Labour Agreement that has been agreed upon between the Australian Defence Force and various stakeholders within the Australian Federal Government. Applicants that do not meet the criterion within the agreement cannot be sponsored for a Lateral Transfer.

Who is eligible?

The Australian Army can sponsor serving or ex-serving foreign military personnel for service in the Army.

Foreign nationals who do not have any military experience are not eligible for sponsorship via this program. Additionally, personnel who hold Australian Citizenship are not eligible for sponsorship via this program.

If from a non-English speaking background, the individual has a minimum vocational proficiency in English (as defined by Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)). This will be a minimum of International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 5.0 based on the 4 test components of speaking, reading, writing and listening.

However, you may apply for enlistment through Defence Force Recruiting if you satisfy normal Australian citizenship requirements.

Find Out More About Citizenship


What jobs are on offer?

The Army has nominated a series of appointments and trades as occupations that are considered suitable for sponsorship. Occupations have been broadly grouped into Officer and Soldier categories. Personnel sponsored from overseas under the auspices of the Labour Agreement must be sponsored to an occupation as defined in the Agreement.

Officer Priority Categories

Officer Other Categories

General Service Officers (GSO) at the rank of senior LT and CAPT for all corps are welcome to apply. Applicants at the rank of MAJ and above may apply however, may only be considered for positions at the rank of CAPT (with some exceptions noted below). Specific areas of interest are:

Soldier Categories

The Australian Army is currently seeking applications from soldiers qualified in the trades and at the ranks listed below. Expressions of interest must meet the criteria and personnel who are not qualified in the trades listed below will not be considered.

Officer Selection Criteria

The Australian Army may sponsor an Officer deemed suitable for service, providing that the following key criteria are met:

In military terms, the individual must have completed the following minimum equivalent full-time study:

Applicants applying for specialist professions

You will be required under Commonwealth, State or Territory legislation, to satisfy unconditional registration and licensing requirements before the Australian Army will process your application to an interview and send you any Offer of Employment. Any costs associated with registration or recognition of qualifications are at the cost of the applicant and not funded by the Army.

Soldier Selection Criteria

The Australian Army may sponsor a soldier deemed suitable for service, providing that the following key criteria are met:

  • As a minimum, have successfully completed a level of education equivalent to an Australian Secondary School certificate (Year 10) and have completed relevant specialist Defence Force training courses and experience equivalent to at least 3 years full-time study, so that the nominee is fully qualified for employment in the occupation in which they have been nominated within Army (see below under the heading 'Education').

General Entry Requirements


Initial Medical Entry along with serving medical standards in the Australian Defence Force differs significantly from foreign militaries. Applicants are required to complete a range of medical forms in the presence of their General Practitioner (GP) and undertake a personal interview with an Australian Senior Medical Officer (SMO). Personnel who do not satisfy initial medical entry standards will not be appointed or enlisted into the Australian Army.

Selection Interview

Applicants will be interviewed by a Selection Board. The interview is usually conducted in the United Kingdom (location will be notified separately) and all applicants are responsible for their own costs to attend (the Australian Defence Force offers no reimbursement for attending). Applicants are required to attend the day prior to the board to undertake Psychological Testing. On the day of the formal board the member’s spouse / partner (that will accompany them to Australia) are welcome to attend the briefings; however they will not be included in the formal selection board process.

The day starts out with a briefing on the OLTS and what you can expect for the day. Once lunch is completed you will be interviewed by the Selection Board individually.


Applicants must have resigned from their parent Service (including release from all Reserve Service obligations) before appointment. Applicants cannot be appointed whilst on terminal leave. Proof of discharge will be required prior to an appointment signal being released.


The Army currently has a labour agreement to permit sponsorship of visas for those individuals who are recommended for processing for appointment or enlistment. Those applicants approved for sponsorship are responsible for obtaining a permanent resident visa. The applicant and each dependent family member must hold a permanent resident visa before appointment.

Additionally, applicants must make a written undertaking that they will apply for Australian Citizenship as soon as they are eligible (normally after three months service in the Army). For information on accelerated citizenship for families of Defence Overseas Lateral Recruits, please refer to this document.


Applicants must hold an appropriate Australian Defence Force (ADF) security clearance before appointment or enlistment. Australian security arrangements require that applicants have a background of at least 10 years, which can be directly verified by the Defence Security Agency. Current international agreements permit security clearances to be transferred for active military personal, subject to verification procedures, for applicants who have been living in Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the United States.

Applicants from other countries require more specific and lengthy vetting procedures, which may impact on their eligibility.


All overseas qualifications submitted must be accompanied by an assessment of Australian equivalencies. This is to be undertaken at the applicant's cost.

Qualifications recognition

Australian Education International (AEI), through the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (AEI-NOOSR), provides official information and advice on the comparability of overseas qualifications with Australian qualifications. This aims to help overseas qualified people work and study in Australia.

AEI is part of the Department of Education. AEI uniquely integrates the development of international government relations with support for the commercial activities of Australia's education community. To do this, AEI liaises with all sectors of the education and training industry and all levels of government.

AEI-NOOSR does not assess secondary school qualifications (these are normally assessed by State/Territory education authorities) or trade qualifications (which can be assessed by Trades Recognition Australia).

For further information about AEI services, as well as links to other assessing agencies, please refer to the AEI website.

Start Your Application Now

Candidates who consider that they meet the entry requirements and are in the occupations covered by the Labour Agreement are welcome to enquire about opportunities in the ADF.

All Expressions of Interest must have a CV or resume attached. There is no preferred design or template; however, they should be submitted as a Microsoft word document or as a PDF file.

Expressions of interest must contain as a minimum your current rank, nationality, full name and what skills you have and job you perform or have performed in the military.

Which contact do I use?

Please refer to the Badges of Rank to understand the rank structure of the Australian Army and help you direct your Expression of Interest to the correct contact within the Career Management Agency.

Contact details

Further information can be obtained from:

Officer contacts

Lateral Recruitment
Directorate of Officer Career Management – Army
Brindabella Business Park




Soldier contacts

Transition Cell
Lateral and Overseas Lateral Transfers
Directorate of Soldier Career Management - Army
Level 3
Bld 29-31
Brindabella Business Park