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Your business will be stronger with a Reservist in its ranks.

World-class training

The expert training Reservists receive costs their employers nothing.
Your organisation will benefit greatly from the skills taught in the Reserves and the character-building lifestyle experienced by your employee. Reservists are trained to:

  • Receive orders then plan and prioritise tasks
  • Show initiative
  • Be positive and goal-oriented
  • Make quick, objective decisions
  • Manage time and resources efficiently
  • Be self-disciplined and self-reliant
  • Achieve high standards of quality control
  • Apply safe practices in the workplace
  • Be good team players with advanced teamwork skills
  • Become better managers and leaders

Check out our handbook

Download a copy of our Employer Handbook to read everything you need to know about employing Defence Reservists.


Many trades and professions are represented in the Reserves.

This collective skill-set makes an essential contribution to ADF Resources, humanitarian missions, emergency rescue operations and the defence of Australia. As an employer of a Reservist you will be asked for your support by releasing them for at least twenty days a year.

Financial compensation

Defence Reserves Support looks after the interests of employers of Reservists.

If eligible you can receive compensation for your staff member’s absence through the Defence Reserves Support Employer Support Payment Scheme. The minimum rate paid is based on the average full-time adult wage.

Higher corporate status

People like doing business with companies that give something back.

Through the Employer Support Awards, news of your commitment to the Army Reserves can be shared with your customers and potential customers, and the public sector. This will help raise your status in the business community and position you as an organisation of choice, for supporting both your employee and the national interest.

A taste of the Reserves

We believe it's important that you discover the Reserves for yourself.

Employers are invited to attend Employer Challenge Days and Exercise Executive Stretch weekend activities. Both are designed to give you a unique hands-on experience that provides insight into the role of the Reservist. Find out more at the Defence Reserves Support website.