Who are the reserves?

Everyday Aussies who want a flexible part-time role, learning new skills and giving
something back to the broader community



In a role that complements your day job, or is a new challenge.

  • Leadership training
  • Team building
  • Fitness training
  • Personal growth
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Contributing as much or as little time as you want.

  • Fitting-in with work and life
  • Usually min. 20 to 100 days per year
  • No minimum period of service
  • Opportunities to travel
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With the satisfaction of giving something back to your country.

  • Exciting and rewarding work
  • Local community support
  • Disaster-relief operations
  • Humanitarian missions
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Everyday Aussies

Everyday Aussies

Reservists are ambitious everyday Aussies seeking an additional outlet for their skills.

Some Reservists wish to complement their trade or professional work with extra training and new challenges in a dynamic team environment. Others simply want to do something different, exciting and worthwhile that's in complete contrast to their usual job, and on a part-time basis.

The one thing all Reservists have in common is a desire to 'give something back', serving the country they love and benefitting the broader community.

Supporting Australia

Supporting Australia

Reservists have always been there when the country needs them.

As well as supporting Navy, Army and Air Force capability, members of the Reserves help rebuild lives and communities after floods, tsunamis and bushfires, and help deliver humanitarian support overseas.

Reservists provide security at major sporting, religious and political events and build, protect and maintain Australian Defence Force infrastructure. They have played an integral role in the defence of Australia and the Australian way of life for over a century. Serving in the Reserves is entirely voluntary, but in rare circumstances the Government has the power to 'call out' the Reserves.