• The ADF has given me a career,
                                  rather than a job. It's given me
                                  control over my direction in life
                                  and allowed me to be part of
                                  something bigger than myself.
  • The Australian Defence Force has
                                  always made me feel truly welcome,
                                  has afforded me many great
                                  opportunities and has appreciated
                                  the diversity of the knowledge that
                                  i bring to the team.
  • I'm interested in the opportunities
                                  the new aircraft being introduced
                                  offer me job wise in the future.

ADF Active iPhone Fitness Application

Part of a typical days work, physical fitness is at the heart of the Australian Defence Force. ADF personnel carry out tasks for routine and operational requirements and individuals are expected to rise to these challenges, often in difficult situations. It is for these reasons that in order to successfully gain entry into the ADF, you’ll need to pass the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA).

ADF Active has been developed to help you prepare for the PFA. Everyone is unique and your fitness level, when starting preparations for joining the ADF, is no different. ADF Active helps you track your progress and achievements along the way, whilst also helping to develop and improve your overall fitness.

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Priority Job
Combat Systems Operator

As a Combat Systems Operator, you are considered the eyes and ears of the Navy's Surface Fleet and will travel throughout Australia and overseas working as a vital part of the Navy's Maritime Warfare team.

Priority Job
Surveillance Aircraft Operator

If you’re the kind of person who’s clocked-up a few hours building remote control models, then a job as a Surveillance Aircraft Operator could be for you. Operating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, your bird’s eye view will monitor potential ground threats and help ensure the safety of troops on the ground.

Priority Job
Joint Battlefield Airspace Controller (Air Traffic Controller)

Full-time civil air traffic control is one thing, but military battlefield airspace control takes it to new heights not only in Australia but on missions overseas. Air Force Air Traffic Controllers are currently serving in the Middle East and Sudan.

The Your Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) session includes an Aptitude Test, a Medical Interview, and an interview with a Careers Counsellor to help find the best jobs you are suited to and can apply for.